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10 Amazing Brunch Restaurants In Vancouver

Breakfast is perhaps one of the most important meals of the weekend. But, is that all this combination breakfast/lunch is eliminated to be? Never! Breakfast, as Vancouverites know, is an experience filled with good food, terrific company, and the perfect environment for Instagram Story photos! Picking 'just the best dining establishment' for your ideal Sunday breakfast can be tricky because there are a lot of brunchtastic (see what we did there?) spots in the city, and that can get frustrating when all you want to do is just head out and have a peaceful time. Worry not! We have spent some time curating a list of the very best breakfast dining establishments in Vancouver, with merely the best ambience to suit anyone trying to find the full weekend-brunch experience.

1.) Cafe Medina

Absolutely one of the very best eateries in the city to 'see and be seen,' From its creation in 2014, Cafe Medina rapidly ended up being an institution in Vancouver cafe culture. It is stylish, stylish, and conventional, making it the best spot for Sunday breakfast. If you have good friends visiting from out of town and want to flaunt a little, this is the location to take them.

The menu here offers a choice of delicious and well in-depth alternatives. Attempt the Wolves Breakfast, which has poached egg, Flatiron Steak, Medina Bacon, and Merguez Sausage with pickles, or the Harissa "Burger" including eggs and Harissa Spiced Beef covered in a Grilled Pita (there's a vegetarian alternative too.).

You don't wish to miss their signature and ever-popular Liège Style Waffle, with a selection of tasty garnishes to choose from. Their waffles are so amazing; they made it to our Container List.

Compliment your food with a mixed drink (the Medina 75 is tasty!) or a dreamy, creamy Lavender Latte.

Protip: Coffee shop Medina fills fast, so go early if you wish to snag a great table or be prepared to wait a while.

Place: 780 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3A4.

2.) OEB Breakfast Co.

Right by the water in Yaletown, OEB Breakfast Co is one of those best breakfast areas nobody ought to lose out on, and specifically if you're a couple searching for a charming and romantic place to chill on a Saturday. Go with a table on their outdoor patio and delight in the beautiful weather and rippling scenery while you dine in style.

The OEB menu is extensive, and it was challenging for us to pick out just a couple of products from all our favourites. But, here are a few suggestions you merely need to try. Hog & Scallop Poutines, The Canadian Lobster & Shrimp Crepe, Pierogies & Duck, or the French Toast Trifle.

Pro-tip: If you're searching for some frozen dessert goodness, stroll off the breakfast and head to Passione Gelato, which is 10 minutes down the street in Yaletown.

Location: 1137 Marinaside Crescent, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y3.

3.) Jam Cafe

Comfort food in a rustic-city atmosphere! Jam Cafe is a wonderful family-run restaurant, with lots of energy and succulent food that makes it a preferred breakfast spot for many Vancouverites. If you're looking to go into a generous portion of delicious fare on a simple Sunday morning, don't hesitate. Head down to Chinatown for Jam.

The menu here is extensive and loaded with choices to fit any hungry bruncher. We suggest you try their well-known Charlie Bowl, which is biscuit, ham, hashbrown, and bacon paradise! Go for the Chicken French Toast if that sounds like too much for you. You will not be disappointed.

FYI: The restaurant does not accept appointments, so be prepared to wait in long-ish lines.

Place: 556 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3.

4.) Chambar Restaurant

Breakfast isn't only about great food and beverage. Atmosphere plays a vital part in present breakfast culture, and this particular dining establishment offers a classy design all diners like. At Chambar, any Vancouverite checking out will be delighted with the soft and serene color tones, the savvy seating, and of course, the magnificent food discussion at their table.

The menu is classy and not overwhelming at all. Choose the La Saucisse and get ready for a banquet of two fried eggs, chicken bacon & manchego sausage, cornbread, charred tomato, and chili creme fraiche. The waffles here are likewise remarkable, and there's a ridiculous amount of delicious toppings to pick from.

Protip: Fast-food lovers need to not lose out on the sophisticated Hamburger du Chasseur et Frites.

Place: 568 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3.

5.) Botanist

" Where day blurs into night, summertime into the winter season and food and beverage are plenty.".

We could not help, however, steal that beautiful tagline straight off the Botanist's Web page. It truly says whatever about this fashionable eatery. When it concerns incredible places to dive into for a terrific breakfast, this restaurant constantly ranks high on numerous Vancouverites' dining lists. Call ahead for a booking, or if you get up late on a Sunday early morning, show up for their 'Late Increase' brunch.

Sustainably sourced seafood, along with natural fruit and vegetables, makes the menu at Botanist a delight to see. Order the Hand-Cut Beef Tartare, which includes smoked egg yolk, caper berries, parmesan, and sourdough. If not that, then try the Steak and Eggs with potato, tomato, and salsa verde.

The Botanist, Benedict with Crab and Avocado, is divine, and you can wash all that down with a couple of fabulous Punch Cocktails. We advise the Season's Renewal Mixed drink, perfectly blended with rye scotch, cranberry juice, and sage.

Pro-Tip: For that little 'extra something' takes a stroll downstairs after your meal, and grab a warm sweet dessert bun from Giovane Coffee shop. You're welcome!

Place: 1038 Canada Place Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9.

6.) Yolk's

From its humble start in a tiny trailer, to a full-scale dining establishment, Yolk keeps going from strength to strength and never stops thrilling its clients. Popular for its terrific service and superb food, this dining establishment is a must-visit on your next breakfast adventure in Vancouver.

The menu here is completely fit for every type of restaurant. It's short, incredibly tempting, and sweet. We advise you to try the Maple-Smoked Ham, with their fresh spinach and Yolks-made Dijon, and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken served on a half Belgian waffle is simply outstanding. This is the perfect place to indulge if your tastes lean towards eggs. Opt for the timeless Yolk's Breakfast, with your choice of sides.

FYI: Yolk's is method too popular, so anticipate a line when you arrive. Stick it out, and you won't be sorry. We promise!

Locations: 598 E Hastings Street. - 46 W Broadway-- Vancouver.

7.) Jules Bistro

Hidden deep in the heart of Gastown, this captivating French Bistro is a must-visit for a comfortable weekend breakfast. At Jules, the environment is peaceful and quiet, and the service is quick, attentive, and friendly. You can also pick to be seated within or take pleasure in the weather outdoors on their patio.

If you're seeking to sample some tasty fare bursting with French taste, choose the Garlic and Black Prawns with Egg Fried Rice, or perhaps some conventional French Onion Soup, and order of escargot. There is also a variety of other meals to select from. Crab Cakes, Moules Frites, or their signature Duck Confit Cassoulet.

Location: 216 Abbott Street Vancouver, BC, Canada.

8.) Catch 122 Cafe Bistro

One of the coolest spots in Vancouver to hang out for a weekend breakfast, or perhaps a mid-week one. This trendy and rustic location boasts one of the most imaginative menus amongst Vancouver restaurants. You will not wish to miss out on this wonderful place.

We highly recommend you try the Roasted Pork Shoulder Benny or their signature and artistic Cauliflower Benny, and if you also wish to indulge your sweet tooth, choose from a mouth-watering range of pastries, or go to town with their fantastic Chocolate or Berry Waffles. You can clean all that down with a cool Ginger Beer Margherita, or a hot cup of French Press.

Pro tip: There's a 'Boozy Up Your Caffeine" unique every Saturday, so do not miss out!

Location: 122 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC.

9.) The Birds & The Beets

Among Gastown's most popular coffee shops, The Birds & The Beets is easy-dining at its finest and a food lover's paradise. If you're trying to find a nice and pleasing spot to delight in a relaxing breakfast on your own or with a couple of friends, this would be the dining establishment to go to.

The menu prefers everybody from meat-lovers to vegans. Try their delicious Ricotta Pancakes or a Vegan Coconut-Cinnamon Roll. And, if that's inadequate, take a huge bite of their fantastic Breakfast Sandwich, or a Poached Egg with Avocado Toast. Do not forget to grab an image of their well-known aesthetic corner spot!

Place: 55 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E9.

10.) Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

Last but not least, on our list is a location that truly needs no intro. Joe Fortes is one of those unique places most Vancouverites can guarantee. They make it to every list of terrific dining establishments in Vancouver and made a special look in our Two Best Dining Establishments Summertime Unique.

This is where you want to choose if you have out of town visitors and are looking to impress them. Don't hesitate. Head down to Robson and take them directly to Joe's and enjoy their thankfulness later.

The Chicken & Waffles and Lobster Roll can not be missed out on here, so proceed and buy up a batch. However, if a seafood brunch is what you're searching for, then select the delicious wild sockeye salmon cakes with roasted potatoes, seasonal veggies, and tartar sauce. A side of Truffle Parmesan French fries is a must, and you don't wish to say no to a slice of soft, damp Coffee Cake.

Area: 777 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3V5.