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Colombo is a city by the ocean. However, it shockingly doesn't have a lot of seashores. Perspectives indeed, however on the off chance that you need beachside eating, you need to go to Wellawatte or further south. These are a couple of our number one spots for beachside feasting.

10. The Station

With regards to an incentive for cash, The Station is tough to beat. They mark all the privilege boxes with a great perspective on the sea, modest liquor, great food and outstanding amongst other hot margarine cuttlefish.

Address: 1/41, Wasala Road, Dehiwala

9. Seafood Cove

Seafood Cove is Mt. Lavinia Hotel's fish café. In case you're searching for a tranquil supper on the seashore, Seafood Cove is unquestionably worth a visit. Dissimilar to many different spots on the rundown that offers the public seashore, Mt.Lavinia Hotel has its own private beachfront. To encounter the full scope of their fish contributions, you need to drop in after 7 pm for the fish market. One suggestion would be their fried fish and French fries.

Address: 100, Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia

8. Barracuda

Like its neighbour, The Station, Barracuda is known generally for their Sri Lankanized Chinese, with an accentuation on the HBC. This is likewise a pleasant beachside spot to chill with companions. They have seating both on the seashore and under the mangrove shade, which looks lovely under the lights after dusk.

Address: 41/2, Wasala Road, Dehiwala

7. The Beach Wadiya

Seashore Wadiya is one of Colombo's good beachside cafés, situated in Wellawatte's open stretch of seashore. It's been around since the '70s, so they understand what they're doing. While the food tastes excellent and is, for the most part, predictable, the seashore itself isn't in the best shape. With a touch of cleaning, it very well may resemble bygone times.

Address: 2, Station Road, Wellawatte

6. La Voile Blanche

La Voile Blanche is a stylish, white-washed beachside eatery in Mount Lavinia. In case you're hoping to have a fancy(ish) supper on the seashore, LVB may be a decent decision. They have a one of a kind topic to oblige some good food, incredible pastry and a great help. This is likewise one of only a handful few places that offer an exhaustive determination of non-fish-based dishes. Additionally, they do a fantastic tiramisu.

Address: 43/10, Beach Road, Mount Lavinia

5. Boat Haus Cafe

Boat Haus Cafe has been a famous fish spot among Mount Lavinians for some time now. They offer new fish and exemplary deviled dishes, every last bit of it at pretty sensible rates. The best component at Boat Haus Cafe is their choice of fresh fish. You can look over the day's catch and have it arranged however you would prefer.

Address: 37, Beach Road, Mount Lavinia

4. Loon Tao

Nut case Tao is the primary choice for those searching for Chinese cooking by the seashore. The eatery's greatest culinary strength is the effortlessness of its cuisine, inclining vigorously on traditional Asian flavours and the admittance to new fish. It's neither the best fish nor the best Chinese you'll have, yet they figure out how to find some harmony while looking after consistency.

Address: 43/12, College Avenue, Mount Lavinia

3. Rasa Malaysia

Rasa Malaysia is one of the lesser-known beachside restaurants. The food will not knock your socks off; however, you may make the most of their contributions if you're an enthusiast of Malay food. They likewise do a very decent hot margarine cuttlefish with somewhat of a Malay twist on it.

Address: Mount Lavinia sea shore, Off De Saram Road, Mount Lavinia

2. The Shore By O!

While many of the spots on this rundown serve liquor, The Shore By O! is the solitary undeniable bar by the seashore. They have an excellent food menu, yet we, as a rule, drop in for the beverages. Since it assumed control over the previous Golden Mile, Shore has been highly famous in light of their reasonable costs and strong mixed drinks.

Address: School Avenue, Mount Lavinia

1. Buba Restaurant and Beach Club

Wrapping up our rundown is another oldy, Buba. It may not be as occurring as it was once upon a time, however that really may not be something terrible on the off chance that you're looking for a less jam-packed spot to hang. Their costs are somewhat more extreme than different spots since it's generally focused towards vacationers now, however, the food is delicious and their area, past the entire seashore stretch, is additionally quite extraordinary.

Address: 42/11, Vihara Road, Mount Lavinia