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Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, boasts a very adorable and well-preserved Old Town dating back to the High Middle Ages. Most of the bars and drinking establishments are located in the historical centre, but in recent years, the district of Kalamaja has also grown in popularity.

10. Clayhill Gastropub

A modern bar that mixes the familiar, relaxed British pub experience with sleek contemporary design, this is the place to come if you are looking for a casual drink. Clayhill serves an excellent selection of local mainstream beers, liqueurs, and some delicious salmon dishes. The pub is ideally located on the side of the Town square in the historic old quarter.

9. Depeche Mode Bar

Shortened to Depeche Mode Bar, this establishment is a mainstay of Tallinn's nightlife. Opened as a tribute Bar to the English electronic band, the bar serves an extensive selection of drinks and non-stop Depeche Mode. Even for those who aren't (yet) DM fans, the charming bar still makes for a great evening.

8. Must Puudel

Must Puudel (The Black Poodle) amps up the Soviet-era kitsch in a restaurant cafe during the daytime and a relaxed bar at night. The interior evokes 70's Estonia, but there's an excellent selection of contemporary drinks and food. Must Puudel has an indoor area and a small inner courtyard, and at night time, you'll often find live music, DJs and a busy dance floor.

7. Noku

A 'members only' bar for years, Noku has now opened its doors to the public. The establishment was initially opened as a catering solution for Tallinn's cultural enterprises, with many theatres, studios and art centres nearby. The bar, which has retained a bohemian vibe, is notoriously tricky to find: look for door number five on Pikk street and head upstairs. There are no signs, but once inside, you are bound to meet some fascinating locals.

6. F-Hoone

F-Hoone is an energetic restaurant-cum-bar-cum-art space. It's located outside the city centre, in the middle of the up-and-coming Kalamaja district. The venue is part of Telliskivi Creative City, a project led by young entrepreneurs to bring cutting-edge food, drinks and design to the neighbourhood. Built into a spectacular fin-de-siecle industrial warehouse, F-Hoone offers a full dinner menu, a wide selection of glasses and regular art performances and spectacles.

5. Pudel

Pudel, or 'bottle', is situated in Telliskivi Creative City. The decor is beautifully simple, with two enormous windows on two floors, giving the bar some great views.

4. Hell Hunt

The name of "Estonia's first pub" has nothing to do with the devil, though it's not completely unrelated to hounds: Hell Hunt actually means 'the gentle wolf' in Eesti and is a solid selection for decent pub food and a pint of its own Hell Hunt Lager. It's usually quite busy with tourists as well as locals, but its liveliness is authentic and caters to different tastes (if you can stomach or perhaps enjoy the post-gothic aesthetic). Be sure to grab a sofa seat if you can find one available.

3. Von Krahl Bar

Von Krahl is a theatre in the centre of Tallinn's Old Town. Besides putting on alternative plays and music concerts, the theatre also boasts a well-stocked bar and a reputable restaurant.

2. Drink Bar & Grill

Drink Bar & Grill offers a significant choice of over 300 beers, half of which are from Estonia and 15 on tap. On a classic evening, you'll find a spirited bunch of patrons from all over the world; backpackers, locals and ex-pats all seem to get together here.

1. Gloria Wine Cellar Restaurant

Gloria Wine Cellar offers not only the widest option of wines in the Nordic countries but is also one of the most graceful and cosy places in Tallinn. The Wine Cellar is built into the medieval town wall and is a suitable place for a romantic date or finding the best vintage wine.
The historical atmosphere, impressive wine choices, and love of great food turn Gloria Wine Cellar into a place where time stands still for enjoyment. The best combinations of European and Estonian cuisines meet in the kitchen, with flavours and presentation being in a class of their own.