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Montreal may not be blasting at the creases with Korean alternatives — however, the city has seen a sensible uptick over the most recent few years. Given a burger joint will search out delectable dishes past the limits of their precinct, there are some superb alternatives to be found all over.

Check Out the list of Korean restaurants:

10. Bol Orange

Ville-Saint-Laurent may not be a go-to feasting objective. However, it's packed with a challenging number of casual neighbourhood diners, and for Korean food, Bol Orange is a top fan choice. Deopbap (a variety of bibimbap), japchae, galbi (barbecued short ribs), and kimbap moves structure most of a menu incorporating a couple of Chinese and Japanese choices.

Location: 983 Boulevard Décarie, Montréal QC H4L 3M6, Canada

Tel: (514) 800-3737

9. Mon Ami

NDG is Montreal's true Koreatown, and Mon Ami is its ruler: one of few spots around to take on Korean seared chicken, grill and the principles like jigae and bulgogi across the board. Open for lunch and supper. This specific area is explicitly additionally a BYOB. Yet, you can hit up another six Mon Ami areas, with the café extending across the city at a fast speed.

Location: 6290 Avenue Somerled, Montréal QC H3X 2B6, Canada

Tel: (514) 439-2580

8. Jumak

A short distance from Snowdon Metro, Jumak does a broad and tasty scope of soups, grill, seared pork and chicken, sautéed noodles, hot stone dishes, and flapjacks. Come around for their lunch specials, or simply a fast and modest cup of bap: rice, sauce, vegetables, and a decision of meat.

Location: 5335 Chemin Queen Mary, Montréal QC H3X 1T9, Canada

Tel: (514) 488-8998

7. Pocha De Marie

On the east side of Côte-des-Neiges, cook Marie Kim of Incheon creates both new and exemplary Korean dishes. That implies choices like hot stone dolsot bibimbap and jigae stew figure is similarly as vigorously as a kimchi-bulgogi burger and K-tacos made with a kimchi salsa.

Location: 5349 Avenue Gatineau, Montréal, QC H3T 1X1, Montreal QC H3T 1X1, Canada

Tel: (438) 387-1700

6. Dawa

On the off chance that Korean food isn't appallingly very much addressed in Montreal. Korean seared chicken is significant to a greater extent an extraordinariness. Luckily that is about the solitary thing on the menu at this NDG inexpensive food niche.

Location: 6135 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal QC H4A 1Y3, Canada

Tel: (514) 508-3665

5. Hwang Kum

A fresh fish flapjack, grill chicken and japchae (a glass noodle pan sear) are on the whole dependable backups, prepared to fill your stomach at NDG's Hwang Kum.

Location: 5908 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal QC H4A 1X7, Canada

Tel: (514) 487-1712

4. La Maison De Seoul

It's not difficult to mark yourself "the best Korean in Westmount" when there are no contenders. However, it's an excellent bet for sizzling hot pot bibimbap — and it's BYO wine.

Location: 5030 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal QC H4A 1S7, Canada

Tel: (514) 489-3686

3. Omma

Try not to let the showy façade fool you: this snazzy Mile End is at the high finish of Montreal's Korean food scene. Omma has a balanced menu loaded with soups and curries, yet servings of mixed greens balance it out flawlessly. Emma presently has a subsequent area close to Place-des-Arts, as well.

Location: 177 Rue Bernard O, Montréal QC H2T 2K4, Canada

Tel: (514) 274-1464

2. Le Petit Seoul

Pristine, as of winter 2018, the enchanting and reasonable Le Petit Seoul has found real success. Le Devoir pundit Jean-Philippe Tastet gave high applause to the spot, suggesting brothy noodles, the tartare-like yukhoe, or the fish flapjack.

Location: 5245 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal QC H2T 1S4, Canada

Tel: (514) 379-4929

1. Négasaké

A splendid and sparkly breath of air on the once-over yet bouncing back Prince Arthur strip, Négasake efficiently executes soupy and hot bowl-based Korean works of art, for example, kimchi jigae.

Location: 70 Rue Prince Arthur E, Montreal QC H2X, Canada

Tel: (514) 564-5850