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10 Must-Try Vegan Restaurants in Cairo, Egypt

Many typical Egyptian dishes are, in fact, vegan, and some of them also date to old Egyptian times! Coptic Christians are a religious and ethnic minority in Egypt, and some go on vegan fasts throughout Introduction, Lent, and various other religious celebrations. "Seyami" is an Arabic word made use of by the Coptic Christian area to explain food that they can eat during their vegan fasts that are meat-free and also dairy-free.

If you are in a resort or dining establishment and want them to recognize that you are vegan, you can ask your steward to tell you what "seyami" alternatives they have on the menu. And to make points also much easier for you when you see, below are some vegan restaurants in Cairo that I have directly tried.

10. Abu Tarek Koshary

This Egyptian restaurant started from small starts and has now ended up being a paradise for "koshari" enthusiasts. "Koshari" is an Egyptian road food constructed from rice, pasta, brownish lentils, and chickpeas and topped with tomato sauce, vinegar dressing and caramelized onions.

Area: The primary branch remains in midtown Cairo near Tahrir Square and the Egyptian Gallery for Antiquities. It also opened brand-new branches in Nasr City and New Cairo.

9. Arabiata

Understood to lots of Egyptians by its original name, El Shabrawy, this Egyptian fast-food chain was established in 1948. At Arabiata, they offer vegan "ful" with olive oil or linseed oil and vegan toppings such as chickpeas or eggplants as well as side meals such as fried eggplants as well as breaded cauliflower. Nevertheless, their dishes are the falafel ones which in Egypt we call "taamiya". In Lebanon and Syria, falafel is made from chickpeas; nevertheless, we make them from fava beans in Egypt. If you enjoy savory food, you need to attempt their packed "taameya" understood on the menu as spicy falafel.

Area: The very first two branches are in Heliopolis in Korba and also Roxy. There are other growing branches in Nasr City, Shoubra, New Cairo, Shorouk, Obour, and Dokki. There is also one inside Cairo International Airport Terminal!

8. Zooba

They make use of native as well as active organic ingredients as much as possible. We have attempted a lot of the products on their colour-coded menu. Yet our favourite needs to be the "full" or fava beans-- an Egyptian staple whatever your dietary choices are! Fava beans are saturated overnight and afterwards prepared on stress or slow stove with lentils, tomatoes, turmeric, and a cooking soft drink. My husband enjoys his "full" recipe with pickled lemons while I want the variation with "tahini".

Area: Zooba is a Cairo-based chain with branches in Nasr City, Heliopolis, Rehab, Zamalek, Maadi, New Cairo, and Sheikh Zayed. They just recently launched a branch in New York City as well! The one I generally visit or order from remains in City Stars Mall in Nasr City.

7. Beit Ward

If you are a follower of Lebanese food like me, you will undoubtedly know that it is a vegan paradise! Beit Ward serves a massive bowl of "fattoush" salad sufficient for four people, with lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, pomegranate seeds, toasted bread, which excellent clothing of olive oil, sumac, lemon juice, garlic, mint as well as pomegranate molasses. They have other vegan salads, pieces of bread, and main dishes, and all of it is served with freshly baked Lebanese bread.

Area: This restaurant currently has branches in Dokki, Zamalek, Heliopolis and New Cairo.

6. Bab Tooma

This dining establishment was established in 2013 by Syrian evacuees and has been a significant hit with its fascinating food and mindful staff. The name is a nod to a historical area in Damascus, Syria and one of 7 ancient entrances around the old city. Their spinach "safiha" is a must-try as well as their Syrian falafel.

Area: New Cairo

5. Ovio

Ovio is a new restaurant in Cairo and offers some vegan and vegan products on its menu for morning meal and lunch inspired by the European cooking area. If you don't mind a little spray of feta cheese, I would recommend their toast with avocado or olives. See to it to attempt their beetroot detoxification beverage or their mint lemonade!

Area: Maadi, Waterway New Cairo, and Cairo Celebration City Shopping mall, and branch in Sheikh Zayed.

4. Le Chantilly

This charming restaurant is part of a chain of Swiss dining establishments in Egypt that opened in the 1970s and is exceptionally sentimental for locals. They offer Egyptian and European style breakfast and lunch and also have a bakeshop where you can obtain bread and also bread and "seyami" cakes.

Area: The restaurant remains in Heliopolis called El Korba, a shopping area with beautiful style and history.

3. Armando

Armando is a kicked back as well as family-friendly dining establishment with interior and also outdoor seats. In addition to its menu for breakfast and supper, it also has a "seyami" food selection used to define vegan and vegan food. Sure, you can opt for secure alternatives such as onion rings, pasta, or fajitas; however, if I were you, I would attempt their lentils "fattah," which is made from fried bread topped with lentil soup as well as caramelized onions.

Area: The branch I constant a great deal is in Heliopolis, but there are other branches.

2. Peking

Peking is the dining establishment that possibly presented Egyptians to Chinese cuisine 50 years ago! So if you find yourself desire some mixed vegetables with mushrooms or vegetable glass noodles, you can rely on the quality of Peking.

Area: Peking has lots of branches throughout Cairo in Heliopolis, Zamalek, Maadi, Sheikh Zayed, Mohandiseen, Nasr City, and New Cairo.

1. Indira

This restaurant offers delicious vegan food called Indira. It would be best if you tried their veggie samosa full of potatoes, peas, and also chilies. Their vegetarian and vegan curries are just tasty, whether the vegetable korma or the okra-based bhindi masala. They even have a youngsters' menu.

Area: This dining establishment lies inside the Holiday Inn City Stars resort in Nasr City.