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Chennai is known more for its seashores than everything else. There are various seashores in Chennai that consider the metropolitan inclination for a week-by-week adventure to nature. Individuals from everywhere the nation, just as various pieces of the world, rush to Chennai for its lovely seashores, nightfall focuses, and the chance for no particular reason exercises that a considerable lot of these seashores offer.

In the first part of the day hours, going for a walk along these seashores can get you a stunning perspective on the ocean, the encompassing scene, and the sparkling white sand. The cool ocean breeze offers comfort to tired voyagers. These seashores likewise provide an ideal getaway to individuals of Chennai from the intense warmth of summer. The characteristic appeal of these seashores assists individuals with unwinding and prepare for their overwhelming way of life after the excursion.

These charming seashores bait the inhabitants of Chennai as well as travellers coming from everywhere in the country. The all-encompassing perspective on the coastline and the city you can get from these seashores is near the hearts of tired city inhabitants. A large number of these seashores, exceptionally those close to the city, become swarmed during the evening hours when you can see ladies, men, and youth appreciating and unwinding on the seashore. You can discover a considerable lot of them playing various games and enjoying evening snacks.

If you like courageous exercises like parasailing and windsurfing, there is much freedom to enjoy these at a portion of the seashores like the Kovalam seashore. The family seashores in Chennai have large fortresses, landmarks, places of worship, sanctuaries, and so forth close by their area. There are notable landmarks on a portion of these seashores. The perspective on fishing towns and fishing harbours along the coastline can poke you to go on a nostalgic outing and blend with the fishing society.

1. Marina Beach

Situated along the Marina Beach Road, the Marina Beach in Chennai has acquired its spot in the rundown of must-visit seashores in Chennai since it is the longest one in India and the second longest one on the planet. It is additionally perhaps the best seashores of Chennai. Groups crowd the seashore from the early morning hours to the evening, getting a charge out of fun exercises and the cool ocean breeze. Gatherings of families and children can be seen meandering or messing about on the seashore.

In any case, swimming in the waters is precluded. On the southern finish of the seashore, there is a beacon. It would be best if you visited this spot to absorb the sight and sound of the ocean. Getting to the highest point of the beacon isn't troublesome since there is a lift to take you up. You can get an enchanting, 360-degree all-encompassing perspective on Chennai and the seashore itself.

2. Besant Nagar seashore

Situated along the sixth Avenue of Chennai city is the Besant Nagar seashore. It is named after Annie Besant, the past friendly lobbyist and first female President of the Indian National Congress. This one isn't just about as swarmed as Marina Beach, yet it is perhaps the most famous family seashores in Chennai. It has a decent amount of travellers, both public and worldwide. The vacationer check ascends at the ends of the week. It is a curve formed seashore, which has launched it to the creative mind of different filmmakers. It is a famous seashore for travellers and film chiefs who have caught this exceptional curve shape in various Tamil and Malayalam motion pictures.

3. Breezy beach

Situated in the Valmiki Nagar space of Chennai, this is one of the great family seashores in Chennai offering fun exercises. You can see less group here than Marina Beach and some different seashores. However, this is useful for individuals who love to invest some calm energy in a seashore. Regardless of being near the local location of Valmiki Nagar, it stays under the radar and is less packed besides on ends of the week. A long evening stroll on this tranquil seashore can help you loosen up. Pony riding is additionally famous on this seashore. A tiny restaurant is situated close to the seashore to snatch some light meals of hot and tasty idlis.

4. Kovalam Beach

Situated a ways off about 40km from Chennai and along the Coromandel Coast of India is the acclaimed Kovalam Beach. It is pretty much as well known as Marina Beach, if not more. Since it is away from the warmth and surge of the principal city, it tends to be an ideal objective for travellers searching for a day out on a seashore of notoriety. It is a standout amongst other family seashores in Chennai. It offers plentiful freedom for experience sports and water sports like paragliding, parasailing, stream skiing, scuba jumping, windsurfing, and so forth. You can swim in the ocean and recruit a seashore bed to get some tan while appreciating the cool ocean breeze.

5. VGP beach

This seashore is situated inside the VGP Universal Kingdom event congregation, and to enter this seashore, you need to pay an entrance fee. Notwithstanding, the seashore merits the section expense. It is an exceptionally pristine and safe seashore for investing some energy with family. You can enjoy an assortment of experience sports, and youngsters can appreciate various fun exercises here. Here, you can likewise sprinkle and swim in the water securely. This is extraordinary compared to other family seashores around. The neighbouring event congregation makes visiting this seashore even more agreeable. Filmmakers usually go to this seashore to shoot film scenes inferable from the flawless magnificence of the seashore.

6. Santhome Beach

Somewhat away from the downtown area, Santhome Beach is one of the extraordinary family seashores of Chennai. The best and ideal opportunity to visit this seashore is during the evening. You can discover scores of road food sellers fixing up the shore with different sorts of nearby delightful Chennai food things during this time. The ocean here isn't so fierce, suggesting that you can sprinkle around in the water and swim. Individuals, particularly kids, invest some great energy here playing toss ball, flying circle, cricket, and so on.

7. Thiruvanmiyur Beach

It is a detached and serene seashore away from the area. Individuals love this seashore due to its serenity, quietness, neatness and the delightful perspective on dawn and nightfall that you can get from here. It is perhaps the most serene seashores in Chennai. Quietness and dusk focuses are the USP of this seashore. You can go for an evening walk or a morning walk and even participate in some talk with no interruption from others. It is a bit seashore. However, the ocean here has enormous waves. There are a couple of eateries around the seashore where you can appreciate some nearby delights. This seashore is otherwise called Pebble Beach.

8. Palavakkam Beach

Situated along the East Coast Road, the Palavakkam seashore is roomy in contrast with numerous different seashores in Chennai. Yet, it isn't so exceptionally swarmed as Marina Beach or Kovalam Beach. It is situated in the southern piece of Chennai. Things to see here remember a sanctuary for the seashore and the great perspective on dawn and dusk.

9. Kasimedu Beach

Past the Kasimedu fishing harbour and away from the clogged Ennore Expressway lies the quiet Kasimedu Beach. Throughout the long term, it has advanced into an excellent spot to stick around for families. This is a seashore where you can jump into the ocean from the Kasimedu dock. Indeed, the port is the most mainstream place here. Individuals invest a loosening up energy here and appreciate the ocean breeze.

The Kasimedu Beach is a well-known end of the week joint for individuals of Chennai and its rural areas. Although ocean disintegration is snacking on the coastline little by little, you can savour dishes packed with beachfront flavours here. During nightfall, individuals assemble on the seashore to see the changing shades of the sky. Young people can be seen playing on the seashore. The boats at the harbour and the nearby shipbuilding yard make for an ideal scene.

10. Neelankarai Beach

This is one of the virgin seashores of Chennai. Situated in the quiet area of Neelankarai in Southern Chennai, this seashore has not yet seen the flood of travellers. Regularly, this is a cleaner sea shore contrasted with numerous different seashores of Chennai. Attributable to less number of guests, you can see ocean turtles meandering about on the seashore. The singular and quiet seashore offers an adequate degree for nature sweethearts to walk around the coastline and absorb the shocking ocean breeze.

11. Elliot's Beach

Elliot's Beach is situated close to Besant Nagar. It is a favoured objective for individuals who love to absorb the evening breeze of the ocean. The youthful group regularly accumulates on this seashore during the nights and appreciate. There is a sanctuary close to the seashore, and it is based on sand. This is one of the principal attractions of this seashore. There is likewise a congregation on the seashore, and it is known as the Church of Madonna. Individuals of all beliefs come here and ask.