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Recently, Riyadh's being taken control of by a new food trend: Burgers. We at Location Riyadh chose to find out the very best hamburger in the multitude, and in the spirit of offering, we braved the leading twelve ranked restaurants. May to lose those calories on something worth it, yes? We know. You're welcome. Without further ado, here are the outcomes we have actually come up with:

12. Jan Hamburger (15 riyals)

If placed in a gourmet hamburger war like this, Jan falls short of expectations; its saving grace is the fact that it's an expensive fast food joint for this reason, it's still great if you require a quick fix.

Value for meal: Bit pricey for the type of burger it offers.

11. Burger Fuel (25 riyals)

Most of us have actually attempted the other items of Hamburger Fuel and would say they're great. Sadly, the Fuel Standard we tasted does not live up to the standards of its contemporary. Add-ons and their more refined burgers are a much better choice.

Value for meal: 25 riyals for this, no. Their other hamburgers, maybe.

10- Fatburger (20 riyals)

This is of those places you'd have to wait for a good 45 minutes to get a table when Fatburger opened in Riyadh a year ago. Today, they're turning up in the different food courts; we'd have to say that the "fast-food" approach is now shown in the hamburger we attempted.

Value for meal: If it's in the category of Fastfood basic burgers, the value for your cash is worth it.

9- Gourmet Burger Kitchen (33 SAR)

It's the very first smokey, grill-tasting burger we had on the list, and were relatively happy with it. GBK had a unique taste, and we liked it. We discovered it little for 33 riyals, and the jury was divided on whether the appearance and taste of it suffice to compensate.

Value for meal: We're still on the fence.

8- Fuddruckers (44 riyals)

It's one of the very first global franchise burger joints in Riyadh and has had its success in winning over the Riyadhi's yearning for big servings. Our bite of Fuddruckers reminded us of all the things we have actually grown to enjoy about it, the buttery bun, the juicy meat, and the fresh garnishes. The disadvantage is that the inflated rate by the products you're required to buy with it distracts us instead of attracting us from indulging.

Value for meal: As the most expensive hamburger on the list, you ought to take pleasure in the "unlimited cheese" and fresh salad bar. Otherwise, burger alone, we'd state they can do better.

7- The Sandwich Company (15 riyals)

Though not its main item on the menu, it's absolutely a must-try. It's basic, the meat is skilled well, and there suffices spiciness in there that sets it apart from its contemporaries on the list.

Value for meal: It's decent and large, and for 15 riyals isn't bad at all.

6- Elevation Burger (38 riyals)

It's high-end guilty pleasure unhealthy food, and we imply that in a significant way. This is a comfort hamburger all the way, and it's supposed to be enjoyed in all its sloppiness. It can't win the prettiest hamburger and is little for its cost, but it can absolutely offer you a flavorful kick with its delicious meat and secret sauce.

Value for meal: The tomatoes were a little too thin, and for a standard hamburger, 38 riyals might be tough to justify. You're sure to feel raised if you spend a little extra on the add-ons.

5- Burgeronomy (15 riyals)

There's something in this hamburger we couldn't put our hands on, a spice that offered a punch to our scheme. Sandwich that with a bun like no other on the list and genuine cheese- there's no rejecting, it deserves the trip to Exit 7.

Value for meal: It's a bit small compared to the other same-priced hamburgers, but we immensely value the genuine cheese and pickles, so it's just worth every riyal.

4. Burgy (15 riyals)

Out of the whole list, this bags top place for that grill master taste. If it was prepared using wood instead of regular charcoal, there's a hickory kick to it that leaves you thinking.

Value for meal: Kindly refer to TSC.

3- Johnny Rockets (28 riyals)

It keeps its rank as a mainstream preferred and we although we tried hard not to not think of it, we can't help however desire a milkshake while enjoying their Rocket single. The point is, their burger amidst of all the good things we have actually concerned enjoy about their restaurant, it can standalone.

Value for meal: A bit high; however, we can handle it.

2- Burger Box

A Darkhorse. The other burger joints need to up their game. The meticulous attention to information is hard to ignore. The packaging, insulator covered at that was beautiful, the meat was flavorful, had a signature taste to it, and the Bun was unique, it cannot be explained (we attempted). Whether they can regularly deliver the same quality upon opening is another thing, though. Let's see.

Value for meal: We can't evaluate yet, but overall it seems worth it.

1. Hamburgini (9, yes, 9 SAR)

The word out in Riyadh is that Hamburgini has a mob of about eighty people at a time waiting for their hamburger. After tasting what all the hoopla is about, we'll be standing in line for sure. It's pretty, it has this genuine taste, the meat was so juicy, its cost is unbelievable, and all its toppings are fresh.

Value for meal: WINS HANDS DOWN. Nine riyals for fresh meat and iceberg hamburger? Favorable take, Hamburgini. We feel bad for robbing you blind.

So whether you crave American cheese, Veggie, Steak, Ground-beef, Fries, Cheese Burger, Onion-Rings, Smoked bacon, Bacon cheeseburger, Grilled-cheese or anything else, Riyadh has it all.