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Hookah, Sheesha, Water Pipe, or Hubble-Bubble - regardless of just how you like to resolve it, if you are reading this short article with your eyes glued to the display, after that you're most likely a follower of puffing on a pipeline and also listening to the grumbling of the bubbles. Blowing on a Hookah, the most commonly used term for this instrument, has become among the most popular recreation for many individuals. This craze has snowballed tremendously over the past few years, leading to hookah parlors appearing at every nook and corner.

Bangalore is familiar with this fad either - it's loaded with a range of areas that serve amazing hookah. If you have been regretting the city's lack of hookah joints, you probably haven't been searching in the best places. Do not fret; we have obtained your back - if you want to delight in some wonderful hookah, here are the best locations for hookah in Bangalore that you require to take a look at.

14. Rasta Cafe

Are you planning an informal trip on the Bangalore-Mysore Roadway with your pals? Well, make certain you come by at Raasta. This coffee shop located on Mysore Road is a preferred pit stop for those who like to head out on a daring trip. They offer a wonderful exterior seating area and a tiny seating location under the roof covering to determine where you wish to lounge. They stay open till 4 am, welcoming fatigued tourists with a refreshing variety of food and drinks and serving hookah outdoors with a selection of flavors. So, do not hesitate to chill out with your group of buddies here after a trip and take pleasure in the balmy Bangalore weather, along with some hookah.

Where: Rasta Cafe, Bangalore-Mysore Road

When: Open 24 hours

Price: Rs 1,000 for two

Contact: 9900072782

13. Café Azzure

Blowing on a hookah in an interior setup can often leave you wheezing for some fresh air, and you might find yourself darting outdoors. So, to prevent just that, rooftop dining establishments involve the rescue! Coffee Shop Azzure in Shanthala Nagar has earned the online reputation of one of the very best hookah locations in Bangalore, which is legit is entitled to. The aspect which makes this restaurant attract attention from the remainder is its attractive rooftop seating, which gives a great view of the rushing MG roadway. The airy feel of this cafe, which encompasses a Mediterranean touch, calms the eyes and makes for a terrific environment to appreciate some enjoyable time with your chums. They offer a range of calming flavors in hookah, which you would enjoy. We suggest you experiment with one of their Azzure Special flavors for hookah when you decide to visit this location.

Where: Café Azzure, Sampangi Rama Nagar

When: 11.30 am to 11.30 pm

Price: Rs 1,000 for two

Contact: 080 41125508

12. Mudpipe Cafe

Exactly how usually do you locate a location that boasts of fantastic decor, houses excellent music, and offers some awesome flavors in hookah? Well, not so often! Yet, considering that we have solved to provide you an aiding hand, we have one place which ticks all the checkboxes, and also we prompt you to visit. The first thing which will certainly catch your site is their skillful wall art, which gives an eccentric touch to the place. When it concerns their hookah, they provide a variety of versions, which are all very calming. They likewise have happy hours in which they serve an ice or routine base sheesha and also a cooler at simply Rs. 949. They have happy hours from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday, from 11 am to 4 pm. So, are you all set to indulge?

Where: Mudpipe Cafe, Hosur Road

When: 11 am to 12.30 pm

Price: Rs 800 onwards

11. Kargeens

With seating making up benches and also swings, such that you locate in parks and also yards, Kargeens features a refreshing and also outdoorsy feel. Perfect for blowing on some hookah and snacking on some toothsome mixtures, this place is one in-demand hookah spot amongst the young Bangaloreans. We recommend you go with their Alfredo Pasta, Chicken Steak, and Vegetable Pizza, all of which are downright tasty. When it involves their hookah, it won't be wrong to claim that they offer the most effective hookah in Bangalore. If you are in a mood to chill (rather essentially), you can go with their ice-based hookah, which will certainly trigger an icy outburst of flavors in your mouth. And hi, this location has Happy Hours from Monday to Friday (10 am to 5 pm), under which they offer hookah at Rs. 250! Outstanding, best?

Where: Kargeens, Mathikere

When: 10 am to 11.30 pm

Price: Rs. 900 for two

Contact: 080 41162968

10. Blow Cafe

From pipes and also coal attached on recycled vodka containers to several other wacky variants, BLOW, a cafe on Church Street, serves hookahs, which are not only refreshing but also wonderfully made. This place is stuffed with visual charm, which is majorly credited to its vibrant paddings, which birth an attractive floral layout. The white-colored wall surfaces are adorned in brilliant posters, which lend this cafe a relaxing hue. If you are hungry, you can order something delicious from their food selection, which is chock-a-block with a selection of food and drink options that you can indulge in together with your hookah. We recommend you to attempt their Veg Quesadilla, burgers, and Hazelnut Frappe, which are drenched in appetizing flavors.

Where: Blow Café, Church Street

When: 11 am to 1 am

Price: Rs 750 for two

Contact: 080 41223379

9. Ruh

Ruh, a themed dining establishment in Bellandur, will make you feel as if you are in a magical location that is straight out of The Arabian Nights tale. This location has a romantic environment, which is an absolute reward to the eyes. The location offers some authentic Mediterranean food, which is packed with palatable flavors. The hookah below is like icing on the already scrumptious cake. They likewise have an exclusive area, which has been established a little away from the general public location, which is an ideal place for a romantic wedding anniversary day with your enjoyed ones.

Where: Ruh, Bellandur

When: 12 pm to 1 am

Price: Rs 1,000 for two

Contact: 9972934777

8. Bamboo Heights

Put your feet up, bask, and puff on a hookah at Bamboo elevations, a casual dining restaurant located on Hosur Roadway, BMT. Standing real to its name, this restaurant residences furniture that is entirely constructed from bamboo! From bamboo chairs to tables and also couches, this place will certainly make you feel as if you are lounging in an official tropical forest. Besides the bamboo insides, the area is decorated with various plants that lend a gorgeous eco-friendly shade to the whole area. They serve some superb flavors in hookah, which are offered in many intriguing bases such as apple, watermelon, and pineapple. They additionally have remarkable sheesha combinations, which are very pocket-friendly. It is also just one of Bangalore's minority locations that offers a 1 +1 on hookahs throughout happy hours.

Where: Bamboo Heights, Venkateshwara Layout

When: 11 am to 11 pm

Price: Rs 500 for two

Contact: 9738019986

7. Elements Eatery

Enjoy some terrific hookah in an eye-candy established at Elements Restaurant in Frazer Town. This dining establishment beams like a celebrity at night, as well as you, would fall head over heels for its blingy feel at first sight. Considering that this place is well-known amongst customers for their juicy steaks, it does without stating that you must relish their tasty range. Besides succulent meat, this area houses some fantastic hookah, which is readily available in diverse flavors. The location gives a fantastic atmosphere with some fine food, and the flavorful hookah they offer just boosts the whole experience.

Where: Elements Eatery, Frazer Town

When: 11.30 am to 11.30 pm

Price: Rs 800 for two

Contact: 080 23333330

6. Dr. Sheesha

Have you been combing around to locate the most effective hookah in Bangalore? Put an end to your hunt, for we have discovered for you one of the best areas for hookah in Bangalore. Dr. Sheesha in Shanti Nagar provides both indoor and outside seats, which boasts of a minimalistic yet modern-day ambiance. When it involves their hookah, they have many flavors readily available to accommodate the tastebuds of a large range of individuals. Their hookah food selection is designed by a person dazzling, for it has been outlined in the form of a periodic table, such that we had in our chemistry textbooks! Imaginative, isn't it? So, go through their innovatively created menu, and order what works the very best for you. And hello, it is among minority hookah joints that remain open till 1 am. Great, isn't it?

Where: Dr. Sheesha, Shanti Sagar

When: 11 am to 1 am

Price: Rs 700 for two

Contact: 9538155111

5. 55 Wall Street

Seeking a night packed with booze, scrumptious grub, as well as flavored sheesha? If, of course, we have located the best party area for you, which will obtain you grooving like never before! 55 Wall Street, a Bar in JP Nagar has a hip and taking place mood, such which is requisite if you intend a party with your friends, household, or colleagues. Hookah is offered on the second floor of this bar and is readily available in a series of unique flavors. Their bar food selection is nothing short of a gold mine of beverages, for it has a variety of alcoholic drinks, mocktails, and classics that you can select from and devour. Their food menu also is packed with a selection of lip-smacking recipes that you can indulge in. So, head to 55 Wall Street on your following night out, and deal with that celebration pet in you.

Where: 55 Wall Street, JP Nagar

When: 12 pm to 1 am

Price: Rs. 1,300 for two

Contact: 07022666677


If you intend to delight in some great hookah and several drinks in a lush mood, you must look at this restaurant in Marathahalli. FLOAT, an informal eating restaurant cum bar, takes pride in a beautiful atmosphere, such which is specific to take you by awe. The Moroccan style cabanas in their rooftop seating plan create a very enchanting feel. This place serves some delicious hookah flavors, with frying pan and kiwi being the most desired ones. They also have a great variety of liquor and quick attacks, which act as ideal accompaniments for their sheesha. A personal cabana, dim lights, hookah, and also a glass of white wine seems enchanting, ideal?

Where: FLOAT, Marathahalli

When: 12 pm to 12 am

Price: Rs. 1,500 for two

Contact: 9066887086

3. Pin Me Down

A place that possesses a cutting-edge environment, Pin Me Down is a coffee shop in Koramangala, which offers one of Bangalore's very best hookahs. The place offers some fresh and tasty flavors in hookah, which you can couple with an even refreshing glass of mocktail, from their variety of tasty mixtures. This cafe is well-ventilated, and it concentrates on its ambiance and food, equally as long as it concentrates on its hookah. They serve a wonderful variety of continental cuisine, consisting of some fantastic Mexican and Italian food, which you can indulge in!

Where: Pin Me Down, Koramangala

When: 11 am to 11 pm

Price: Rs. 600 for two

Contact: 080 41693993

2. Black Mug Cafe

Do you like to take a slap out of your sheesha while relaxing alfresco? Well, if of course, after that we have discovered the ideal place for you! The Black Cup Cafe on Bannerghatta roadway has a gorgeous garden like setup, with seats set in the middle of the color of gorgeous green trees. The place has a stress-free atmosphere and produces an excellent setup to unwind on your own with some hookah while delighting in the pleasurable Bangalore wind. Hookah is the primary USP of this place, and also, whatever else is just second. So, we suggest you try that out initially before you attempt anything else. Because the location lies in a fairly quiet place, you can relish a wonderful discussion over hookah, as well as a wonderful glass of red wine.

Where: Black Mug Cafe, Gottigere

When: 11 am to 11 pm

Price: Rs.300 for two

Contact: 9845561119

1. Hungry Hippie

If you are trying to find refreshing hookah flavors and also offers which are nonpareil, then you need have got to head to the Hungry Hippie in Koramangala today! Packed with a fun and laid-back vibe, this location is the best to delight in an enjoyable night out with your buds! This area also has an outside seat area, which is outfitted with comfy sofas, so you can lounge comfortably. Besides being home to among the very best hookahs in the city, this place additionally offers an elaborate range of continental dishes that you can enjoy. From a relaxing environment to great hookah and songs, every little thing concerning this place is a place on, and we prompt you to visit today!

Where: Hungry Hippie, Koramangala

When: 11 am to 1 am

Price: Rs. 800 for two

Contact: 994558800