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Colombo has the most notable eateries covered up in the heart, ideal for an ideal supper date. Treat your friends and family to a flavorful supper spread in a rich setting and revive the radiance. These spots stun in the nightfall as the city lights begin to gleam, and fragrances and kinds of delectable food shiver the nostrils.

In the open-air eating settings rambling across yards and affluent lounge areas brightened with intriguing collectables, they reclassify the craft of wining and dining. Colombo has the most notable eateries covered up in the heart, ideal for an ideal supper date.

14. The Gallery Café

The Gallery Café has been created by a nearby style authority, Shanth Fernando, from the old town office of Sri Lanka's most prestigious draftsman, Geoffrey Bawa. Since opening in 1998, it has become a T spot to see and be seen by the nearby cognoscenti and evenhandedly merits its overall standing as a beautiful spot to live like royalty. The menu has not gone through any extraordinary changes since the Café's opening as it appears to fulfil everybody with its assortment of dishes, coordinating with all handbags. The menu incorporates flame broils and fish, and it has won numerous hearts with its delightful pastries, particularly the Jaggery-implanted ones bringing neighbourhood sweet flavour into the top western picks. Just as its deck eatery, Gallery Café incorporates a craftsmanship display highlighting presentations by nearby specialists and a branch of the proprietor's popular Paradise Roadway of life and configuration store.

13. The London Grill

Somewhere down in the core of the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, the London Grill appears never to have changed since it was opened around 40 years prior as Sri Lanka's initial five-star café in what was then the Lanka Oberoi Hotel. The style takes after a baronial lobby, total with massive metal plates as a component of the table set up. The food is reliably acceptable, keeping to its topic of a flame broil eatery yet with imaginative starters (stuffed shellfish?) and enticing sweets. The help is just about as smooth as it ought to be for this norm of feasting. You should wear your best for this unique and uncommon spot, strange to discover in Sri Lanka.

12. Tintagel Restaurant

Acclaimed for facilitating the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, Tintagel is a shop in. One can feast at the gorgeously adorned lounge area or The Courtyard. The lounge area with its dull dividers, imaginative canvases and the delicate feasting setting makes an invigorating climate, while The Courtyard ends up being a definitive outdoors eating alternative. The menu comprises attractive options, which mirror the complexity of the inn. Alongside an equivalent spread of both veggie lover and non-vegan dishes, one can benefit from intriguing courses and soups. The pastry menu here has a different decision, including the daily top picks and colourful choices like the Rajakeeya and Via heaven. It additionally serves non-alcoholic refreshments.

11. The Dining Room

They are located at Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel. Suppers are filled in as smorgasbords, testing the inventiveness of the culinary experts to create bunches of various things for each feast; there is consistently a curry corner whether it's morning meal, lunch or supper. The food amount and quality are incredible, and if you're a veggie-lover, you will discover something acceptable. Being a smorgasbord eatery, it is regularly packed, and the help is sensibly productive, if charmless, in light of the spot's notoriety with decided burger joints serving themselves.

10. Harbour Court

Harbor Court, watching out on a perspective on The Kingsbury's pool porch, is a freshly perfect café with a significant determination of food. The 'worldwide' buffet spread incorporates fragile tidbits, servings of mixed greens, a baked stove, newly cooked pasta, a carvery and then some. It includes Western, Indian, Japanese and South-East Asian food, cooked flawlessly. Deserts incorporate Sri Lankan specialities just as Western treats like creme brulee. It's a throughout the day café which serves breakfast, lunch and supper. There's additionally the alternative to eat outside, while for a specific treatment, you can head down on Sundays for the caviar and clam informal breakfast.

9. Tao

Asia flavours are trendy in this café, where gourmet specialists set up your preferred dish just before you. Appreciate the activity as they concoct combination charms that consolidate the best of the East and the West. Maybe one should evaluate things at Tao is the Epicurean Menu as you sit by either the pool or close to a lake.

8. Governor's Restaurant

Unwind in the extravagance of pilgrim engineering and the practices of Sri Lanka at the Governor's Restaurant situated at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, the sometime in the distant past fantastic home of a British Governor. The delicate mix of mainland and provincial strengths are blended with special topic evenings that take the guest through the appealing chronicles of frontier Ceylon, the abundance of the Silk Route and the sweet-smelling tastes of India, the kinds of Italian fortes and sizzling grills. Sri Lanka's special VIP Chef, Publis., is prepared to reproduce the culinary tradition of the place where there are the rulers each Sunday, complemented with his much-sought-after signature manifestations. As the sun sets in the skyline, visitors can relish homemade cakes, sandwiches, scones and, moreover, some of Sri Lanka's best kinds of tea at the Governor's High Tea.

7. Gardenia Coffee Shop

With the perspective on the pool and amid the cutting edge designs, the Gardenia Coffee Shop is the Ideal base to appreciate a Sunday Brunch, Weekend hangs out, or an Official gets together during the workdays. The agreeable and straightforward climate will allow you to make some quiet memories with whomever you accompany. This tasteful yet friendly and specific space offers different cooking styles in huge bits for sensible rates. It is brightened with comfortable seating space, and during the daytime, it is lit up with daylight shining through the glass entryways. This excellent Coffee Shop is a spot one should visit.

6. The Verandah

The Verandah at Galle Face Hotel offers terrific perspectives on the sea and incredible food to feast in. The Verandah offers a menu alongside a proper determination of wines and different drinks. Its atmosphere is unbelievable with the characteristic breeze and staggering perspectives. Visitors can likewise appreciate a heavenly high tea in the early evening with newly prepared tea, scones, heated products and desserts.

5. Eat

With an excellent sea see, Eat, situated at OZO, will turn into a top choice with the individuals who love being alongside the ocean. Located on Marine Drive, this eatery serves incredible food. The tones of purple inside give the café a wonderful feeling for getting a charge out of supper. As you venture inside OZO, the inn you will track down the inside is stylish, present-day and dynamic, mixing splendid tones. Its Eat café is extensive and an ideal spot to have a party.

4. 1864 Restaurant

The 1864 Restaurant, some portion of the Galle Face Hotel, is a famous piece of design that has been made from a unique part of the structure that traces all the way back to 1864. With its recorded highlights still incivility, the stylistic theme of 1864 depends on the first uncovered block facades, luxuriously cut wall paintings and delicate lighting, which brings about a strange setting to appreciate a connoisseur style feasting. The menu incorporates neighbourhood, mainland and fish top picks just as treats, organic product juices, mocktails and intriguing increases like sweet or pungent lassi, an Indian conventional beverage and Aperitifs to give some examples. Brews, spirits and wine are likewise accessible, and there is a winding flight of stairs driving down to the Wine Cellar that can now and again be utilized for private occasions or by companions who wish to share a container of wine among themselves.

3. Scarlet Room

Colombo Courtyard, situated by probably the busiest lane of Colombo, houses the Scarlet Room. Of course, this a room painted dark red. With regards to the various stylistic layout of the café, the menu is differentiated too with things from European foods, alongside Mediterranean dishes and Asian flavours. The Scarlet Room radiates an imaginative and upbeat feel to help its creative eating choices.

2. Noodles

Assortments of Asian foods are offered at Noodles. Catching the kinds of Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam, Noodles are prepared to set the warmth! This eatery is ideal for a small-scale get-together. The cook from Vietnam shows his expertise in setting up a vast swath of noodle assortments and creating more than 70 different dishes. The inside is tasteful and a la mode, blending in tints of dark and straw shades. The glass windows give a decent and quiet view.

1. Chutneys

Shades of dark, orange, and pink inside make Chutney look stunning and energetic. The Tamil alphabetic letters on the roof give Chutneys a unique look. Chutneys vow to convey traditional South Indian cooking and culture. What makes Chutneys novel is the massive swath of Indian Dishes, coming from the four territories of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. To convey something imaginative, Chutneys has taken endeavors to draw out the scrumptious Dosai Thali. They additionally serve both vegan and non-veggie lover dishes on the off chance that you are searching for a spot to appreciate your family gastronomic experience at Chutneys.