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Muscat is the capital of Oman and is located on the Gulf of Oman surrounded by stunning mountains and deserts. With a mix of appealing history, upmarket shopping, and sensational scenery, it's a fantastic location to check out. Read our insider's recommendations on the very best places to take in on your see.

1. Mutrah Corniche

Mutrah Corniche is a promenade stretching for 3 kilometers along the waterfront and is lined with restaurants, coffee shops, and markets. You can see the views of the Oman Port and harbor on one side and the stunning rock developments of the Hajar Mountains and the Portuguese watchtowers. The northern end of the corniche has a fish market and a dhow harbor. The Mutrah Fort dominates the eastern end of the harbor. The Fort is typically closed for visitors. Nevertheless, its flank can be climbed for more great views of the harbor.

2. Grand Mosque, Muscat

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat is Oman's most splendid mosque with 416,000 m2 and has a capacity of over 20,000 worshippers; 8,000 individuals can fit inside the courtyard can quickly hold up to 12,000 people. This mosque is one of the few mosques in Arabia which permits entry for non-Muslim visitors. The mosque is a marvel of contemporary architecture and is a fusion of Omani, Islamic, and Middle-Eastern architectural styles.

3. Royal Opera House, Muscat

The Royal Opera House is Oman's premier destination for arts, music and culture. The complex consists of a theatre, auditorium, landscaped gardens, an art centre, and cultural markets and can accommodate up to 1100 individuals. The Royal Opera House has been ordered to be built in 2001 by Sultan Qaboos of Oman, a big enthusiast of classical music and art. The house officially opened in 2011 and functions as a centre for excellence in the arts and enhances its heritage by culturally varied programs and occasions.

4. Wadi Bani Khalid

Being among the most popular Wadis of Oman, Wadi Bani Khalid is famous for its big swimming pools of emerald green water surrounded by high palm trees. Unlike other wadis in Oman that are dry in the summer season, Wadi Bani Khalid is known to have continuous water flow throughout the year. The Hajar Mountains' rocky canyon and cliffs make it breathtakingly beautiful and are typically promoted as the "desert paradise." Found just 2.5 km from Muscat, this is a favourite amongst hikers and a famous picnic spot.

5. Yiti Beach

Found around 28 km from Muscat's city center, Yiti Beach is one of Oman's remote and lesser-known beaches. It is famous as a camping website outside Muscat's city with rocky edges, small cliffs, coves, and a fairly isolated environment that's ideal for couples or parties who'd enjoy their privacy. The beach has beautiful soft sand and clear waters with fishing, swimming, camping, and basic day-trip picnic opportunities readily available.

6. Bait Al Zubair

Bait Al-Zubair is a personal museum located in old Muscat city and contains antiques from Oman's military, social, and cultural past. It was open to the general public in 1998 and is founded and moneyed by the Zubair household. The household's extensive collection of Omani artefacts such as weapons, khanjars, jewellery, family items, and costumes is considered the finest independently owned collection that provides an insight into Arab and Omani heritage.

7. Al Alam Palace

Likewise referred to as Sultan's Palace and the Sultan Qaboos Palace, Al Alam Palace is one of the 6 royal residences of Sultan Qaboos situated in Muscat. It watches out to the Gulf of Oman. The ruling monarch's home was integrated in 1972, which holds a history of 200 years. The palace is understood for its flamboyant Islamic architecture, surrounded by a lush green garden and the Mutrah Harbour. This official residence is utilized to receive prominent guests who visit the country.

8. Al Mirani Fort

The Portuguese constructed Al Mirani Fort in Muscat in the 16th century. Together with neighboring Al Jalali Fort, it looks out to the Gulf of Oman and would guard Muscat's port in the past. The Mirani Fort and Al Jalali Fort lie on either side of the palace. Although closed to the general public, visitors can view this Fort from the outdoors. This Fort was very crucial in the downfall of the Portuguese. The Fort has numerous ancient war tools on display.

9. Bimmah Sinkhole

Also called Hawiyat Najm, Bimmah Sinkhole lies in the 'Muscat governorate' of Oman. Situated in between the towns of Bimmah & Dibab, it is perfect for swimming and enjoying the gorgeous landscape of the area. The local town has developed the Hawiyat Najm Park that surrounds the Bimmah sinkhole to safeguard the destination. Visitors going through the area typically stop here for a few hours of break from the scorching sun.

10. Al Jalali Fort

The huge Al Jalali Fort, likewise called Ash Sharqiya Fort, was constructed by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Remarkably it was once utilized to be a jail that has been converted to a personal heritage museum. Being located on the harbour, the Al Jalali Fort offers a stunning view of Muscat's entire city. The only entrance to this place is through a high flight of stairs in the front. The entry to this Fort is strictly by authorization just.

11. Amouage Perfumery, Muscat

At Amouage Perfumery and Visitor Centre in Muscat, you'll get a chance to witness how this world-famous business creates its amazing fragrances from scratch. Starting from acquiring components from their internal facilities to distilling, filtering, and packaging, this trip will give you a close-up take a look at everything that goes behind producing Amouage's signature products. The factory trip is quite informative and complimentary. After the trip, you'll also get to visit the Amouage factory's own store that enables you to sample their large variety under one roofing system and even get to acquire some Amouage Perfumes.

12. City Centre Muscat

Muscat City Centre is a mall situated on Sultan Qaboos Road, Seeb, Muscat. It houses 142 local and global brands providing a wide range of services and products, supplying you with multiple shopping choices. It is one of the leading shopping destinations and the way of life in Oman. The Muscat City Centre is located 3 km away from Muscat International Airport, offering you simple access for your last minute shopping!

13. Qurum Beach

Qurum Beach, at the edge of the Qurum Nature Reserve, goes for four kilometers along the Muscat shoreline, in the heart of Muscat city. Its shallow waters and a relatively long period of high tides make it a household-friendly area. The Gulf of Oman's tidy waters is ideal for rejuvenation and relaxation, far from city life pressure.

14. Al Araimi Boulevard

Al Araimi Boulevard is a location for leisure shopping that has been developed in the lines of Westfield, London. The shopping mall inhabits a big area measuring 187,000 square meters spread over 2 floorings in the prime location of Al Khoud within Muscat. With 200 plus retail stores, they are open for a company here, with a family entertainment centre inhabiting the remaining 6,000 square meters. A 10-screen cinema greets the movie buffs inside the shopping mall, with 4D cinema being the primary draw. Households discover it hassle-free to do their household shopping at the Carrefour hypermarket and drop into casual restaurants to enjoy their supper.

15. Mutrah Souk

Mutrah Souq is one of the oldest markets in the Arab world. This antiquity has maybe increased its magic, appeal, and allure. Mutrah Souk or Al Alam Souk has been named after darkness because the congested stalls and lanes do not permit the sun rays to penetrate through during the day, and the buyers require lamplights to see where they were going. The marketplace utilized a source of supply for Omanis where they might purchase their needs in the 1960s for easier life requirements.

16. City Centre Qurum

City Centre, located just off Al Illam Street in Muscat, is one of the leading shopping locations for residents of Qurum. Termed as a 'way of life destination,' Townhall initially opened its doors in Qurum in 2008 and has been witnessing a steady stream of visitors ever since.

17. Muscat Grand Mall

Positioned in the heart of Muscat city, the Muscat Grand Shopping center is one of the largest shopping malls in the city. It has been developed to witness a convergence of department shops and modern brand names and other outlets and traditional Arabic souk at the location. The breathtaking sanctuary present at the center of the mall offsets a good photography area. Being close to the Arabic Sea, one can observe a scenic view of the sea from the top floor of Grand Muscat Mall.