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Sri Lanka's active and dynamic resources Colombo is residence to a thriving dining establishment scene, perfect for enjoying every one of your breakfast suitable needs. From high-end restaurants at five-star hotels providing a combination of Oriental and Western cuisines to neighbourhood haunts and eccentric cafes where you can begin the day the typical Sri Lankan means, we have combed Colombo's roads to locate the best. Here are the leading five french restaurants in Colombo.

5. Café Français

Nestled along a pedestrian road in the heart of Colombo's central business district, COFFEE SHOP Français welcomes you right into its warm yet modern-day area, crafted by the subtle state of mind illumination as well as accented through its colour scheme of reds and also beiges. On the kitchen side, let yourself be carried away by an "à la carte" that's firmly bistro, usually French, typically gorged with the sun, signed by the expert hand of the Pourcel brothers, and also accompanied by an exceptional as well as the specific option of white wines that will transport you through our gorgeous regions of France.

Location: Park Road 48 Park Street, Colombo 00200 Sri Lanka

4. Baguette French Bakery & Cafe

French sourdough bread, Savoury, wonderful items, Salads, Sandwiches, Baked recipes, Galettes, Crepes.

Location: 174 Galle Roadway British Cosmetics Structure, Colombo 10370 Sri Lanka

3. Deli France -Odel Unlimited

The ham and also cheese baguette sandwich was delicious. The fish, as well as the egg cutlet, was stagnant. The Coffee was excellent. The service is superb.

Location: Colombo Sri Lanka

2. Délifrance

Practically since its beginning, Delifrance has had a fantastic selection of sandwiches. Their croissants are just delicious, and also, the seafood mayo sandwich is a guaranteed Must-Try.

Location: 5 Alexandra Place ODEL - Alexandra Location, Colombo 00700 Sri Lanka

1. Ceylon Cafe

The Ceylon COFFEE SHOP specialises in genuine Ceylonese Crab Curries in addition to a refined variety of Sri Lankan cuisine. Experience as well as delight in the classic Ceylonese dishes that please your palate.

Location: 39a Horton Place, Colombo 00700 Sri Lanka