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Pizza in Montreal can be pretty the oddball-- while it's not as widely known as certain regional styles (state, New York pizza), "Montreal design" pies are a point that exists. Also, they go something like this, a layer of sweet to savoury tomato sauce scatters of thinly-sliced mushrooms, pepperoni, thick crust, ringed with pillowy air pockets, environment-friendly peppers, as well as a generous heap of dissolved mozzarella.

While it varies, this is typically what Greek-style diners, bean wagons, and family-run Italian restaurants offer in LaSalle, Montréal-Nord, and NDG. It provides some love to that old school vanguard. Still, it's simply one type of pizza on the scene, so this covers Montreal-style pizza and everything else classic Little Italy favourites, those who brushed up in with the current wood-fired Neapolitan fad, also even a couple of Roman-style al taglio choices.

1. D'Agostino

The standard all-dressed consists of 80 per cent of all the pizzas that D'Agostino sells. The dough is handmade, a lightly-seasoned San Marzano, the sauce and celebrity a closely-guarded secret. Sicilian owner Agostino Lumia has remained in the ready for over four years.

Location: 7470 Maurice-Duplessis, Montreal QC H1E 3Y1, Canada

Tel: (514) 494-7470

2. Da Bologna

In Montreal North since 1958, Da Bologna's yeasty dough has adherents all over the city (the dining establishment utilizes it for below also). Toppings are generous and also typically depart from your typical all-dressed in wild, scrumptious means. The Mercedes Arrabbiata, for one, has olive oil-soaked hot peppers, capicola and pepperoni.

Location: 5189 Charleroi, Montreal QC, Canada

Tel: (514) 321-8361

3. Pronto

There's no Neapolitan or New york city style below. This third-generation pizza maker brings his take on the city's pizza design, respecting the classic while including brand-new riffs for the sit-in or take-out experience.

Location: 2025 avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montreal QC H2H 1J6, Canada

Tel: (514) 903-7499

4. Pizzeria Napoletana

One of the oldest pizza places in the city, this Little Italy BYOB opened up in 1948, with a cash-only food selection that runs 41 pizzas long. On weekends it's not uncommon to see some significant lines.

Location: 189 rue Dante, Montreal QC H2S 1K1, Canada

Tel: (514) 276-8226

5. Pizzeria Gema

Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione, the duo that redefined what high-quality Italian food could be for Little Italy with Impasto, provided the area with this sibling pizzeria a few years back as it's still one of the very best around.

Location: 6827 St-Dominique, Montreal QC H2S 3B1, Canada

Tel: (514) 419-4448