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Muscat is perhaps the most delightful urban areas in Oman – it's no big surprise that it's the capital city of this staggering country. Between must-see attractions, eminent urban communities and extravagant streets, here are the top things that the stunning city of Muscat is acclaimed for.

5. Al Qurum Beach

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Al Qurum is perhaps the most popular rural areas – and quite possibly the most normally alluring spots – in Muscat. It is explicitly known for its astounding sea shore that is canvassed in brilliant sand and has wonderful perspectives over the Gulf's waters. Al Qurum Beach is always on the top common attractions in Oman and one of the top objections Muscat is renowned for.
Address: Al Shati Street, Muscat 113 Oman
Telephone: +968 9864 0400

4. The Al Alam Palace

Al-Alam Palace | Muscat | Oman | AFAR

It is one of the six imperial homes of the Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, Oman's chief. It was worked by Imam Sultan Bin Ahmad, who is the seventh granddad of the Sultan Qaboos, which implies the royal residence holds a past filled with more than 200 years. The castle is encircled by the two glorious fortifications of Al Jalali and Al Mirani, situated on Muscat's harbor. Al Alam Palace has an exquisite style with finished marble surfaces and wooden overhangs, which keeps Oman's conventional engineering alive.
Address: Waterfront, Muscat, Oman
Telephone: +968 25 886865

3. Muscat Festival

Muscat Festival: Experience the Beauty and Traditions of Omani Culture |  Majalla

The Muscat Festival is quite possibly the most renowned celebrations in Oman, which attracts individuals from one side of the planet to the other to observe an interesting and social festival consistently. It happens during the early long periods of January and February and incorporates a few occasions and exercises for guests who need to experience Oman's way of life, legacy and customs. With old stories moves, exhibitions, exceptional ensembles and Omani items, this celebration is an extraordinary social encounter.

2. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - Muscat: Get the Detail of Sultan Qaboos Grand  Mosque on Times of India Travel

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the most acclaimed – and the biggest – Sultan Qaboos mosque in Oman. It is additionally perhaps the most stupendous tourist spots in Muscat and an absolute necessity visit fascination. Between its curves, enlivened dividers, interesting glass drawings, lamps, vaults, ceiling fixtures and inside plan, the mosque is a flat out design excellence.
Address: Sultan Qaboos St, ولاية بوشر، Oman
Telephone: +968 24 505170

1. Muttrah

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Muttrah is an absolute necessity objective in case you're hoping to feel the conventional soul of Omani culture in the core of the old city of Muscat. It is well known for its conventional souq and the uncommon corniche that consolidates perspectives on completely clear waters, mountains and the city's old houses and structures. Its customary souq and its wonderful corniche are one of the top places that recognize the capital city of Muscat.