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You take anything and make it French, and it's in a split second better, hotter and more alluring. French fries, French kiss, French press, French meshes and in particular, French toast. That is by and large why we decide to give our lives to fill the greater need of devouring however much French toast as could be expected. Go along with us. Relinquish anything you've at any point known previously and cracking go along with us on this deeply rooted excursion of French toast eating.

6. Mo Bistro

What better approach to end a fine dinner than eating up the excellence out of the French toast they have.
Location: Mohandessin, Sheik Zayed

5. Marlyn's

We might want to guarantee you that anything in life can be fixed with some extra whipped cream and berry sauce.
Location: Heliopolis

4. Shakespeare and Co. Egypt

What do you imply that this French toast is complete? This is not, at this point, simply a dish; it's a goddamn encounter.
Location: New Cairo

3. Crevette

"Indeed please," is consistently the appropriate response when inquired as to whether you'd like more cinnamon as well as caramel. We quite often answer cinnamon and caramel.
Location: New Cairo

2. Coco Cafe

In some cases, we fantasize about being little individuals to make sure we can live inside a cut or two of French toast.
Location: Heliopolis, New Cairo

1. Bosco

Talking, it takes eating 195 bananas at a time for one individual to OD on the natural product. So we will attempt to have just around 150 of this French toast, given that one dish contains one banana.
Location: Nasr City