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Korean food is sound and delectable, with tons of various assortments for each season. What's more, by attempting the food, you'll likewise be encountering the way of life. Regardless of whether you're in a Korean BBQ café in your present city or you've made the excursion. You are investigating the actual road food of Seoul, we've aggregated the top Korean food setup you ought to be keeping watch for.

6. Han Gook Gwan

It's a beautiful vivid encounter, without a doubt, and can be very fun with a group or even out on the town. We like Han Gook Gwan for its sensible evaluating. However, we had presented some off-putting sashimi when we went for lunch. Requesting is straightforward. You go through the alternatives of pork, cuttlefish, bull tail and make your pick. Alongside your request, you get a variety of sides that come with gratis. These incorporate kan Kun, omelette, kimchi, peanuts, lettuce and onions, just as a tofu soup.

5. Kyung Bok Kung

Kyung Bok Kung at Hotel Juliana makes a lovely accurate interpretation of Korean cooking. The setting may be marginally questionable, and the DIY style probably won't be for everybody, except requesting the correct dishes, and you'll be happy you dropped in. Korean eating is best with a gathering, it's family-style, and you will encounter more assortment that way. Every dish comes in one-part size, which is typically enough for 2-3 individuals. Kyong Bok Kung is a decent spot to check it out. It can get somewhat untidy if you're not cautious. However, it's very a one of a kind encounter.

4. The Bibim

The Korean food scene in Colombo has been getting more grounded for as long as a year, and The Bibim is its most up to date part. We dropped in for an early lunch as of late, and here is how our experience went. The most particular thing about The Bibim's vibe was the smell. A smell that my hair conveys up to this second. It is anything but something awful; it possessed a scent like seared chicken, to be exact. They present some beautiful, Korean solid dishes, and it merits all that you pay for it.

3. Kang's Kitchen

Kang's Kitchen has been there for some time. It was called Seoul before this. Yet, being one of only a handful few absolute Korean eateries in the entirety of Colombo, it's practically unbelievable that we wouldn't visit after they've gone through a change like this. They serve Chicken Bibimbap with enough to fill one hungry human, and the veggies served on top of sticky rice was crunchy and new. The sauce gave gentle pleasantness to the entire promenade and went wonderfully with everything on the bowl.

2. Hancook Kitchen

Hancook Kitchen isn't this goliath measured café that has a lot of floors for eating and private eating and so forth—arranged to be confronted with only one goliath room without any than 5 tables, around 3 of them are devoted to preparing your food. The chicken was splendid! A lot of firm chicken lying washed up in a sugar/nectar sauce that we could not quit eating. Sweet, zesty with slight hints of light tartness going around.

1. Cafe The Seoul by Cafe Alfred

This will be found at the edge of Galle Road in Kollupitiya. Cafe The Seoul is certifiably not a considerable eatery. With an atmosphere that emitted slight medical clinic vibes (through the lighting), a lot of K-pop playing behind the scenes, dark tables and seats and a cooler with soft drinks to finish the look, the feeling at Cafe The Seoul was straightforward. The Tteok-bokki Set was more comparable to our spending plan. Presented with a bowl of clear soup, an entire move of gimbap and a dish of perfectly rubbery rice cakes, this was superb.