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Ramen is one of my all-time favourite dishes. That is precisely why it loads me with so much despair and sad that we don't have any ramen shops or restaurants in Egypt, a truth I truthfully find incredible. Why do you ask? Since we Egyptians eat nothing but Indomie noodles. I imply, we now have literal Indomie carts in the streets that market the prominent noodle cups-- so what's quitting us from having joints that offer actual ramen, AKA thick-bone broths that are filled with slurpy noodles? Well, let us inform you that we do, indeed, have a few locations that do just that; there's just sadly not that numerous options.

1. Kokio Chicken

You require to understand: The Oriental dining establishment only has one sort of ramen, and it happens to be the non-halal kind; pork. If that takes place to please your fancy, make sure to tell them to add veggies and an egg for the toppings as they're generally not generous.

Location: Building 23, Road 232, Maadi

Contact: 01282517674

2. Tomato

What you require to recognize: The hole in the wall surface eatery utilizes actual instant-ramen noodles to make the recipe, so you will not be able to identify what's offered for you to slurp on unless you ask them first.

Location: Structure 1, Road 232, Maadi

Contact: +2 0127 3390 200

3. Sakura Sushi

You need to recognize: They have three sorts of garnishes: poultry, beef, and shrimps.

Place: Structure 38, Road 231, Maadi.

Phone: +2 0127 2324 750

4. Hana

What you require to recognize: You're the king/queen of your ramen kingdom at the Zamalek dining establishment. All you have to do is pay 90 EGP as well as request whatever you want. Spicy poultry broth? 2 soft-boiled eggs as garnishes? And perhaps even some broccoli? Well, Hana is here to offer you ramen authenticity.

Location: Building 25, Hassan Assem Road, Zamalek.

Contact: 0227367873

5. Makino

What you need to recognize: Probably the very best Japanese dining establishment in the country, Makino is the only joint that offers more than one kind of ramen-- from kaisen tanmen to goma tantanmen, therefore a lot more.

Location: Structure 21, Mohamed Mazhar Street, Zamalek.

Contact: +2 0101 5122 268

6. Shogun

What you need to recognize: Shogun could have one ramen recipe yet, oh my, it is literally what ramen desires are made from.

Location: InterContinental Citystars Hotel, Omar Ibn El Khattab Street, Nasr City.

Contact: 0224800009