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Smoking shisha, hookah, argila or the water pipe, as some prefer to call it, is a custom to Cairene road culture. Everywhere in the city, you could appreciate a wide range of shisha in various climates.

Regardless of whether you're searching for a "metropolitan" experience in the partners of downtown or you need a more refined setting, each great shisha place you need to think about in Cairo is here.

6. Hooka

Are you searching for a chill spot and an enduring shisha close to Heliopolis? Hookah Lounge in Almaza is the go-to put. Costs are pretty reasonable, and they significantly offer a 15% rebate for understudies!
Location: Heliopolis

5. Rooftop

If you appreciate an excellent lager close to your shisha, you need to attempt a Rooftop in Zamalek. The Nile see café and bar is an ideal spot for the ends of the week. A note, however, they usually have a base charge of 250LE. In any case, given the quality and air, we believe it's sensible.

Location: Zamalek

4. Nomad

The name "Wanderer" signifies going through; however, when you visit this roof once and attempt their shisha, you will need to remain for a long while. It doesn't, by and large, ignore the Nile; however, you will, in any case, feel the breeze in your hair from that tallness.

Location: Dokki

3. La Pietra

La Pietra is a comfortable spot with incredible food, treats and the best shisha around Mohandessin. However, the area is somewhat expensive, yet it's extraordinary to visit now and again with companions.

Location: Mohandessin

2. Canova

Need to snatch a smoke around Dokki? Head directly to Canova. The tiny spot is comfortable and is had some expertise in hooka blends!

Location: Dokki

1. Colors

This spot is called shadings, and it will carry tones to your Cairo evenings. It's a bit spot covered up in Zamalek, and it's typically loaded up with its dependable group. You could become one as well, particularly given their stunning shisha and unexpected costs!

Location: Zamalek