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6 Spots Where To Hangout At Night In Muscat

The very fact that there is active nightlife in Muscat's shocks lots of tourists. Discover a few of the most effective locations to spend your evenings in the city. Regardless of Oman being a traditional Muslim country, its capital city of Muscat takes pride in multiple bars, bars, and clubs that provide a much-needed escape from the ordinary regimens of the day.

6. Nargileh Cafes

Numerous tourists in Muscat like to see nargileh cafes (or hookah lounges) to smoke shisha with the citizens. The CCC shopping mall has several great nargilehs, but because cafes open and close frequently, locals are the best resource to locate one of the most preferred locations to visit.

5. Trader Vic's

Situated within the InterContinental Hotel, Investor Vic's is one of the most popular bars in Muscat. Tourists flock to Investor Vic's to get its renowned alcoholic drinks served with unique souvenir plastic numbers. Bench offers live songs, dance and also a substantial variety of meals to please late-night food desires.

4. John Barry Bar

John Barry Bar supplies tourists with a variety of excellent Italian food and good beverages at the Muscat Grand Hyatt. Consumers at John Barry Bar appreciate the quaint beauty and the enchanting ambience, which is created by the live songs and dark lighting. The "Branzino" Sea Bass comes very advised, yet the smell of stogie smoke might disturb some restaurants.

3. The Copacabana

Many tourists and expats in Muscat consider The Copacabana club at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the Shatti Al Qurum location the best place for dancing to the current hip-hop Rhythm and Blues, Dancing, Heart, African, and also Arabic hits. Thursday evenings are the busiest, and customers can wait a long time to confess to the club. This is a couples-only club which means no songs are officially confessed, yet the rule is frequently unwinded late in the evening. The costs are fairly reasonable compared to other clubs in the city.

2. The Al Ghazal Pub

British deportees who are a little bit homesick can go to the Al Ghazal Club at the InterContinental Hotel. This loosened up and friendly English-inspired pub provides a decent choice of beer and excellent yet expensive food. There are normally replays of British sporting activities on the TVs, and also, the group is a mix of Omani guys and expats.

1. The Beach

Visitors who prefer to not invest their evenings drinking in a bar or dancing the evening away can see the fantastic sunsets at the coastline in the Shatti al Qurm area. While there is no detailed dress code, it may be a good idea to dress decently.