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7 Best Chicken Burger Restaurants In Cairo

Fried chicken exceeds everything, and also, y' all can't reject it. We live for the creation of fried chicken and also for the beautiful sandwich called a burger. This is why the combination of a burger as well as fried chicken is simply a spirit healer. Whether it's a treat, morning meal, lunch or dinner time-- it's constantly crunchy chicken o'clock.

7. Zack's Fried Chicken

They make a fried chicken burger, and also just that.

Quick Suggestion: Make sure to buy yourself some extra cheese trigger; it's the best method to have Zack's.

6. Buffalo Burger

While Buffalo Hamburger may not be experts in deep-fried poultry, they certainly understand how to master a hamburger.

Quick Suggestion: Most definitely dive in for their dual deep-fried poultry spicy burger-- the Chappo Sandwich.

5. Kansas Fried Chicken

Not that their routine fried chicken isn't impressive; however, their fried chicken sandwiches-- burgers as well as covers-- are just to die for.

Quick Suggestion: See to it to check out their Kansas Tower, cause it has hash browns, as well as they're yum.

4. Daddy's Hamburger

Daddy's Hamburger is essentially the Father taking over all our Hamburger requires. From their OG beef burgers to their deep-fried poultry sandwiches.

Quick Suggestion: If you remain in the mood to experiment with something brand-new, go for their new Famous Daddy's Hamburger. As opposed to buns, your patties are covered in a fried chicken.

3. Dega's Fried Chicken & Hamburger

While Dega's is still brand-new to the community, they've handled to take control of our hearts with their finger-lickin' great delish chicken.

Quick Suggestion: This goes out to spicy food enthusiasts out there-- go with their Hot D Crunch for some hot jalapeño love and cheese chaos.

2. Chicken Fil-A

They're the masters of deep-fried chicken sandwiches in Cairo, and their sandwiches are as massive as our cravings.

Quick Suggestion: Go for King Kong, cause this is just how you'll feel afterwards.

1. Bazooka Fried Chicken

Whatever you order, we can assure you; it's gon' obtain messily.

Quick Suggestion: Always choose their triple tower because a single layer is merely insufficient.