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8 Marvellous Mexican Restaurants in Montreal

This Lachine eatery has been acquiring devotees of essential Mexican nourishment for more than 25 years. The menu hits all the conventional food alternatives, with tortilla soup, guacamole, Chiles Rellenos, and fish fillets in garlicky pureed tomatoes. Sit close to the front windows for a perspective on the waterway.

Location: 1678 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Lachine, Canada

7. El Rey del Taco

This anchor of the Jean-Talon Market spot has a confounding menu ranging from tacos and enchiladas to the popular Vuelve a la Vida (get back to life) fish mixed drink headache fix. It's challenging to keep away from everything tortilla here, yet don't miss their warming Mexican magistrate of inward stews in non-terrasse season: pozole, Menudo, and birria.

Location:  232 Rue Jean-Talon, Montréal, Canada

6. Mexico Restaurant

Unassuming and tucked moderately far east in St-Michel, Mexico is a ridiculously modest alternative for tacos, plates stacked high with beans and rice, soups, and other sassy, enjoyable dishes. The climate isn't a lot. However, the cost is correct. — Tim Forster

Location: 2524 Rue Jean-Talon, Montréal, Canada

5. Calaveras

Over a taco bar, this family eatery presently has two areas: an extended Rosemont space here, close to Cinéma Beaubien, and another "Express" right on the money Rachel and Henri-Julien on the Plateau. It serves all way of collapsed tortilla-based dishes, in addition to ceviches, calamari, and ribs unique. Party time on Wednesdays highlights bargains on tequila drinks, and an unrecorded music soundtrack — mariachis included — is a common element at the Beaubien area.

Location:  2040 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal, Canada

4. Maria Bonita

Mile End jewel Maria Bonita has tacos at noon and a full menu of Mexican fortes in the evening. Have a quesadilla with huitlacoche (an umami corn growth, now and again portrayed as "Mexican truffle"), nopale desert flora paddles au gratin, or claim to fame stews of fish, meat, or chicken served in cazuelita dirt pots.

Location: 5163 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, Canada

3. Agave

Agave's new area on St Laurent close to Theater Rideau Vert is a station of its generally effective Boucherville and Terrebonne areas. Get your fix of cochinita pibil and mole here with a side of mariachis, who perform once every month.

Location: 4902 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, Canada

2. Tacos Frida

Established by an Oaxacan family and the ruling rulers of Montreal's taco scene, Frida is a considerable objective for works of art like carnitas or tinga dished up in corn tortillas. However, it merits credit as significantly more than a taqueria. A full breakfast menu highlights chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and dishes like a spirit warming pozole balance the excellent menu.

Location:  4350 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, Canada

1. La Selva

Level café La Selva has been around for just about 40 years. In light of current circumstances: its tasting menu, great worth banquet and Taco Thursday bargains flaunt the eatery's flexibility and expertise across a scope of local Mexican foods. La Selva's fish game is solid, with ceviche, salmon tartare Mexican style, and a few riffs on the octopus. Bring your wine — there's an SAQ in transit there from Mont-Royal metro.

Location: 862 Rue Marie-Anne, Montréal, Canada