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9 Best Chinese Restaurants In Cairo, Egypt

If there's one food everybody seems to enjoy, it's Chinese food. Who can decline some excellent noodles or pleasant and also sour anything? Cairo is home to a large number of genuine Chinese restaurants. Below are a few of them:

9. Joy Luck Chinese Restaurant

If you're from Maadi, there is nothing else location you eat your wonderful and sour hen from. However, we have just uncovered lately that their shredded beef, as well as chilli game, is so solid. BONUS: whatever is so inexpensive!

Location: Maadi

8. Peking

Without a doubt, among Egypt's most popular Chinese restaurants, Peking's hot pots are to need, particularly their Shellfish Kun Pao and their Chicken with Mushrooms and also Bamboo.

Location: Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed, Tagamo3, Rehab, Nasr City, Maadi, Dokki

7. Zentro

Zentro provides food from many Eastern nations, but their Chinese food is a must-try. Attempt their Shanghai Hot, and Sour Soup complied with their Shredded Duck with Soy Bean Paste for the best dish.

Location: Maadi

6. Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is particularly recognized for the authenticity of their lemon chicken. Give it a try if you ever before find yourself in Maadi or Rehab City.

Location: Maadi, Rehabilitation

5. ZenZen

ZenZen provides a vast array of Eastern foods such as Thai and also Korean food. However, their Chinese food certainly sticks out the most. Make sure to try their pleasant and sour lobster and their Beef with Broccoli and Oyster Sauce.

Location: Maadi

4. Dragon House

Dragon House's mouthwatering soups are a must-try for any type of Chinese food enthusiast. Their springtime rolls are also some of the most effective in Cairo.

Location: Maadi

3. Chinoix

Chinoix is one more premium Chinese restaurant for when you're feeling fancy. Their Dim Amount is the most effective around.

Location: Tagamo3

2. Lan Yuan

No person does elude like Lan Yuan. Make certain to attempt their Duck in Pepper Sauce.

Location: Maadi

1. Noble House

If you're feeling fancy, Noble House is the place for you. Their meals get on the more expensive side; however, they're well worth the extra cash. You're losing out if you haven't tried their Oyster Beef or their Xin Jian Lamb.

Location: Heliopolis