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9 Best Korean Restaurants In Cairo, Egypt

A tasty and hearty food feature staple foods of rice, noodles, tofu, veggies and meat and attracting side dishes; Oriental food covers the graphs when craving a preference of Asia, but regretfully it's not that preferred in Cairo, which is why we've assembled a listing of our favourite Korean dining establishments in Egypt that will certainly function as a guide for anyone that hasn't tried this cuisine before.

1. Gaya

One of our preferred Korean restaurant in Cairo. Gaya is as genuine as it obtains, the whole feel of the restaurant, the Oriental team, hell, also the Egyptian personnel that talk Korean, just whatever concerning the area. It does not matter if you're new to this cuisine; as soon as you sit, the team will automatically get you six different little beginners (free of charge) to devour. We advise getting bibimbap though (shown in the picture over), which is steamed rice sinking in vegetables, the meat of your option, as well as a fried egg. Oh, it likewise includes miso soup. You can also get ingredients and such from the restaurant itself to make your culinary creations in your home.

Location: Maadi

2. Mina

Situated in New Maadi (right by Fuddruckers), Mina may not stand apart because it exists in a location that is growing with phenomenal Oriental food. Nonetheless, their kimchi soup deserves dumping Gaya or Seoul Barbecue for.

Location: Maadi

3. Zo

Even tho Zo is not particularly simply a Korean restaurant, it's the closest point you'll get to that food in that part of the community. We recommend having spicy shrimp noodles. Oh, as well as they have kimchi.

Location: Fifth Settlement

4. Paxy's

There's pizza, and afterwards, there's Oriental pizza. SPOILER ALERT: It's much better than the regular, boring pizza. Additionally, when buying from Paxy's, constantly get from the group menus as they're cheaper and conserves you a great deal of money.

Location: Mohandessin

5. Kokio

By now, you ought to love established that Koreans do everything better than us, also fried chicken.

Location: Maadi

6. Team Cook

CowCowBap is our favourite dish from this Downtown treasure. If you ever find yourself near The Greek University, please go.

Location: Midtown Cairo

7. Hana

You require to try their bulgogi. What's that? Just one of the most prominent meal among Koreans. It's wonderful, savoury, and full of flavours, originating from the long marination procedure. It's generally wonderful bbq beef strips. YUM!

Location: Zamalek

8. Seoul Barbecue

You have probably understood that the majority of Oriental locations are, in fact, in Maadi, which kinda makes it Egypt's very own K-town in a way. We suggest the kimchi pancake.

Location: Maadi

9. Rosa Marino

Rosa Marino isn't that Oriental, to be truthful; however, when in Alexandria, this is the closest point you'll have walahy.

Location: Alexandria