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If you're seeking a place to party, the list coincides. Nevertheless, despite the pandemic, 2020 gave us the gift of some latest party hubs in the city of happiness. So below the brand-new pubs, bars, and lounges, you ought to most definitely head to.

9. Zobet

Zobet is undoubtedly the newest party zone. These brand-new locations end up being awesome with an impressive bar and charming cuisines. This unique gastropub, made with a Moroccan theme, provides trendy alcoholic drinks that you cannot simply miss.

8. The Spirits

Pixel ceiling lights and European decor, Spirits will certainly light up your spirits with several drinks and Cuisine. Narkol Chingri risotto, Mexican picked veg tosata, and a lot more cuisines come bearing with sparkling lights, music, and drinks.

7. Double Down Brewpub & Cafe

This gastropub is enchanting and seems ideal for a waltz with your beloved. With their food, beverages, and sheesha, this location will most definitely amaze you with its exquisite decor. Apart from the smoothest cocktails, smoke in here, and ride high at this Mezzanine location.

6. Barishh

Owned by the people who brought Mezzunna, Mainland China, Hoppipola, and Riyasat, this all-day cafe and the club is chic, fancy, and sensational. Similar to their island-like decor, you will certainly discover some revitalizing and unusual drinks at this location.

5. Malt

It is the largest property that opened this year and, naturally, one of the most trendy ones. With an indoor club and outside seating, the flourishing location is absolutely lit.

4. Canteen Pub & Grub

This area will remind you of the drinking night at your college. Built with a modern canteen like ambiance, this location is ideal for hanging out with your buddies and binge o their variety of food and drinks.

3. Billions

Madrix lights will certainly cheer up at this three-floor on your party with your pals. This location is extravagant as well as defines every ounce of a compelling party zone. The billions lounge will thrill you with their drinks, whiskeys, rums, beer, and cocktails, and many other things.

2. Wafira

Wafira gives you a lavish drink-y club that lights up every celebration with a ceiling with a simulated golf link. Bringing an array of concoctions, the beautiful location also flaunts their charming cuisines that go so well with every drink you enjoy. Do not lose out on partying this year.

1. Truly Publik

Developed like a public outlet but beverages that scintillate every millennial, this astonishing destination takes place to be one of the ideal newbie bars in the city. Designed like a train canteen, it has a cloakroom, cigarette smoking area, and an alcoholic drink area. Expect some of the quirkiest food and drinks at this place.