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Joy implies many things for each sort of individual. Nonetheless, for some individuals, happiness comes in waves; nothing makes them more joyful than the sand between their toes and their sun-kissed skin. At that point, the word B.E.A.C.H means only one thing to you – Best Escape Anyone Can Have!

You, in all probability, may experience some nightmares because, in contrast to Mumbai or Chennai, this, in any case, an incredible city, have some amazing seashores near Bangalore. Depression, not my Bangalorean that is beloved or, for you are never far away from probably the most seashores that are fabulous in this country. So go ahead and pack your bags and hit the road; there is sun and sand and waves, all sitting tight for you at only just a few hours of drive from the city.

Seashores close to Bangalore inside 400 km:

12. Auroville Beach (302 km)

Location: Off E.C.R., Puducherry

A pleasant cruise all over 6 hours from Bangalore will take you to Auroville, a beautiful seashore around there. Also known as Auro Beach, which lies on the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal. The little waves and the sea shore's shallow waters offer you the pardon that it is ideal to enjoy a little swim. You will make some extraordinary memories here if you love gathering beautiful shells. A mainstream spot regularly becomes busy during the weekends, so if you're planning to enjoy the serenity of the beach and to appreciate a surge free visit, plan your outing on weekdays.
Exercises: Swimming, going for a walk, surfing

11. Paradise Beach (312 km)

Location: Chunnambar, Puducherry 

Paradise Beach in Puducherry, which is also known as Plage Paradiso, is a sanctuary for seashore sweethearts with its name. The seashore is fresh, clear waters, making it probably the best spot to invest some energy wondering about the marvels nature has coming up for you. You would have to cross the backwaters of Chunnambar using a boat to arrive at the seashore. When you get there, you would see palm trees waving the breeze. It likewise has safe houses to give shade to guests from the beams of the sun.
Exercises: Lazing around the seashore, swimming in quiet waters, appreciating neighbourhood luxuries, water sports

10. Marina Beach (350 km)

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu 

Stunning brilliant sand, the happy blue ocean meet up to frame the lovely Marina Beach. It is renowned as one of the top the country's seashores, and it truly satisfies its standing. Running along the Bay of Bengal, the Marina Beach reaches out over 6 km, making it the most extended characteristic seashore called metropolitan India. This seashore is sandy guests with visual joys and audacious exercises. The dazzling perspectives on the nightfall will lift your spirits on the off chance that you are a nature sweetheart. Although washing and swimming are not allowed at the seashore because of the inclinations that are different solid attractions will adequately make up for this.
What's more than the most incredible thing? Each evening, the region is loaded up with merchants selling mouth-watering food items. Take your time and enjoy!
Exercises: Walking among palm trees, horse-back riding, kite flying, seashore cricket, seashore volleyball

9. Elliot's Beach (350 km)

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu 

Watching the Bay sun-kissed from the beautiful Elliot Beach, which is also known as Besant Nagar Beach, can be involved with itself. The clean, brilliant sands of the seashore allure local people and travellers to spend valuable hours amid the grand environmental factors. At the core of the seashore stands the Karl Schmidt Memorial, which worked to celebrate a mariner that is dutch Karl Schmidt, who surrendered his life to save others from suffocating. Since the peaceful seashore doesn't offer numerous exercises, it is ideal for appreciating a long walk, particularly in the early hours of the day. Watch the dawn, permit your feet to dunk into the delicate sand and feel the quiet waters of the Bay of Bengal.
Exercises: Enjoying the dusk and dawn, strolling on the seashore

8. Bekal Beach (350 km)

Location: Kasaragod, Kerala 

Recollect the tune Uyire (Tu Hi Re) from the religion Bombay that is exemplary, which shows Manisha Koirala deft footed rushing to the rugged bluffs to meet Arvind Swami as the ocean thunders and waves crash behind the scenes? Go on an outing to that very seashore that is a similar Bekal Beach – where Shaila Banu and Shekhar, two evergreen characters of Indian film, pined for one another. Arranged on the Malabar coast, Bekal is perhaps the most picturesque Bangalore seashores inside 400 km; you can, without much of a stretch, reach here in less than eight hours on the off chance you drive from Bangalore. At that point, stand by till you set your feet on the seashore if the drive sounds altogether too much.

The seashore is excellent against the setting of the tremendous Bekal Fort while the Arabian Sea spreads in its front. Take one gander at this all-encompassing perspective, and you will certainly fail to remember the sluggishness of the long excursion. No big surprise, Bekal Beach, with its allure that is inimitable, is of the most visited puts in Kerala.
Exercises: Exploring Bekal Fort, visiting the stone nursery, photography

7. Panambur Beach (357 km)

Location: Mangalore, Karnataka 

Situated toward the north of the Mangalore Port, Panambur Beach is known for India's best-looked after seashores. It has likewise procured a spot among the most seashores that are visited in waterfront Karnataka. You will have a lot to investigate here on the off chance that you are an undertaking searcher. Beginning with watersports and other experiential exercises, you can proceed to appreciate carriage rides, horse rides, and even camel rides! The seashore makes for an objective that is an extraordinary and exciting time with your loved ones. As the day slips into the hug of the evening and the setting sun paints the ocean and the encompassing region in entrancing tones, you will see observer enchanting dusk. Remember to take your camera, shutterbug. You don't click pictures that are postcard-commendable on different days!
Exercises: Jet skiing, parasailing, water bike, sailing, surfing

6. Surathkal Beach (359 km)

Location: Mangalore, Karnataka 

Flanking the shores of the Arabian Sea, Surathkal Beach is located in a peaceful suburb. The seashore is beautiful, similar to a secret jewel that is yet to consider travellers. You can generally rely on Surathkal if you need to go through a loosening up day close to the ocean yet away from the loud groups. The seashore houses a beacon on a rough slope you can visit in the evening to get a brief look at the excellent open country and the ocean. What about watching town fishers beginning their excursion on their fishing boats? Visit the seashore, and you can find observer fishers in real-life sunrise. On the off chance that you have additional time close by, think about visiting a portion of the vital attractions in the town, including the Sadashiva that is the old Temple Sacred Heart Church.
Exercises: Visiting the beacon, getting a charge out of the nightfall and dawn, touring

5. Kapu Beach (384 km)

Location: Udupi, Karnataka 

Coating the shores of the Arabian Sea, Kaup Beach, also known as Kapu Beach close to Udupi, is heaven that brags of white sands, utter quiet, and palm trees. An around 89-feet tall, dark and beacon that is white back to 1901 adds an old-world appeal to space and is one of the principal attractions of the seashore. Worked by the pilgrim leaders of India, this beacon has guided a great many mariners securely to the shores. Need to start to sweat? Move up to the highest point of the beacon, and you will be sufficiently remunerated by the fantastic vistas of the endless ocean and the coast that is beautiful supports it. Aside from the beacon, you can investigate the remains of a fortification old by Tipu Sultan and the three Mariamman sanctuaries situated nearby. Kapu may not fall into the class of your hip and seashores that are occurring, yet it positively scores high on excellence and tranquillity.
Exercises: Exploring the beacon, strolling on the seashore, getting a charge out of the dusk and dawn, visiting the fortification and Mariamman sanctuaries

Seashores close to Bangalore inside 500 km:

4. Malpe Beach (407 km)

Location: Udupi, Karnataka

It will not be suitable to present Malpe as one of the seashores that are least-investigated in India. The virgin shore is only 6 km from Udupi. An endless coastline, a significant length of brilliant sand, clear waters of the Arabian Sea, influencing palm trees, and the blue sky all meet up to make Malpe Beach a one-of-its-sort objective. A reality that is energizing note is that it is the primary Indian seashore that flaunts 24×7 Wi-Fi. Yet, who needs Wi-Fi when you are nearby such vistas that are outstanding, correct?
Exercises: Boating, swimming

3. Maravanthe Beach (411 km)

Location: Kundapura, Karnataka

It's currently is on the grounds of Maravanthe Beach, is remembered for the rundown of the most seashores that are beautiful Karnataka. It is maybe the seashore that is just India with a public thruway (NH-66) running alongside it and a waterway flanking the opposite side. With the Arabian Sea on one side and the Suparnika River, this 10 km stretch is long for you, a drive you will love for eternity. When you get down to the sandy white shore, its blue water and perfect environmental factors will offer you a wonderful visual treat. Presently, you won't ever be shy of alternatives whether you choose to laze around or kick off watersports exercises. Furthermore? You can even get a brief look at the coral reefs and life that is marine!
Exercises: Snorkeling, scuba plunging, swimming

2. Om Beach (463 km)

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka 

Om Beach gets its name from the Hindu image that is strict Om since the characteristic state of the seashore emulates it. Like this, the spot holds fascination both for sightseers and voyagers with an otherworldly twisted. For those of you, who are searching for a spectacular seashore, Om Beach can be your ideal answer. You can enjoy many water-based exercises, including surfing, riding on speedboats and dolphin spotting. You can even take a shot at fishing!
Exercises: Jet skiing, fishing trips, speed drifting, banana boat riding, parasailing, surfing

1. Gokarna Beach (467 km)

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka 

Gokarna is about a quiet seashore occasion. A top choice among Indian and unfamiliar vacationers, this seashore lining the sanctuary sluggish of Gokarna has its spirit. The drive from your lodging in Bangalore to this seashore will lead you through beautiful environmental factors, with the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western that is grandiose Ghats on the other. After arriving at the seashore, you can choose to pause for a minute and appreciate the view or enjoy exercises that offer you definitive fun.
Exercises: Trekking, swimming, kayaking, parasailing, banana boat riding

Presently we realize where to get a lot of sun and sand; remember to pack your shades, sunscreens, and other essentials. That insane sun that is little of sea shore' is hanging tight for you!