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When it comes to Mumbaikars, their love for food cannot be rivalled. Food is an integral part of Mumbai's vibrant cultural landscape. Interestingly, the city offers an acceptable range of a delectable blend of cuisines without neglecting its quintessential local dishes, such as the Vada Pav, Misal Pav, and Pav Bhaaji. Indeed Mumbai offers the perfect balance if you are constantly struggling between your reluctance to ditch your favourite food joints and your once-in-a-while mood for experimenting. Over the years, this city has witnessed a growing variety of cafes and famed restaurant chains offering different cuisines, turning it into a food paradise for all of us. Thanks to various communities which settled in and around Mumbai and blended with pre-existing colonial influences- such as the British, Portuguese, Dutch, and French - Mumbai is blessed with a comprehensive and culturally influenced variety of cuisines. These influences have been well recognized and refurbished in a contemporary style and presented on our tables by the sprawling restaurant industry.
The growth of many restaurants offering Italian cuisines in Mumbai is a fine example of such trends. So, if you are in the mood to go on a bit of food adventure and want to make your taste buds experience an explosion of flavours, then you must check out what's all the buzz around some of the best Italian restaurants in Mumbai.

12. CinCin Mumbai

CinCin, which translates to "cheers" in Italian, is a fitting name for this gem of a place situated in one of Mumbai's most prominent commercial hubs. It's an all-day dining Italian cuisine restaurant that transforms into a lively, buzzing bar by evening. Upon entering this place, you'll notice the beautiful alfresco seating, landscaped with fragrant shrubs and lemon trees transporting you straight to Italy. The awe-inspiring interior decor exudes a playful and fun vibe, along with subtle elements of sophistication. The ambience aptly sets the mood and welcomes you to enjoy and savour every bite of fresh, hand-rolled pasta, and gourmet pizza whilst you sip on the array of wines. You can also try a comforting bowl of Cacio e Pepe, which translates to cheese and pepper. End your Italian meal on a sweet note with the Tre Latti (a luscious milk cake) or stick to the classic Tiramisu.

Location: Ground floor, Raheja Towers, Bandra Kurla Complex
Timing: Monday - Sundays, 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM

11. Prego

Prego has quite modishly carved out a reputable space for itself among the existing Italian cuisine restaurants in Mumbai. Anyone who wants an incredible dining experience should rest assured that Prego has a lot to offer. The ambience of this restaurant sets the mood that is in tune with the delectable Italian fare offered here. It is elegant and comforting, with occasional splashes of bright colours here and there. The atmosphere is casual, and the seating (both indoors and outdoors) is spacious. Their artisan wine collection is beautifully displayed at one corner, whereas another corner showcases the choicest cigars encased for the patrons. From their menu, try out their wood-fired oven pizza, including the Primavera and Paper on De Paperoni variants (Prego offers at least 14 different kinds of pizza). The spread of Antipasti appetizers like the Insalata Di Rucola, risottos and hand-crafted pasta are also worth trying. Remember to save some space for dolce (desserts), as their melt-in-the-mouth Tiramisu and Cuore Caldo Di Cioccolato (Prego's famous Mud Pie) taste out-of-this-world! Yum!

Location: The Westin Mumbai Garden City, International Business Park, Goregaon East
Timings: Mondays - Sundays, 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM

10. Celini

Offering a world-class luxurious fine dining experience, Grand Hyatt's Celini is one of the best Italian restaurants in Mumbai. The authenticity of the Italian fare served here is truly remarkable and is sure to catch your taste buds by surprise. Equipped with an enticing ambience and a brilliant brigade of chefs, Cellini is a fad among the connoisseurs of Italian cuisine. An open kitchen surrounded by cosy booths, rounded tables, and a lounge makes the restaurant's layout quite spacious while exuding a subtle sense of grandness. The pick of the menu includes their thin-crust pizzas, which are served right off the wood-fired pizza oven. Other popular dishes include the Chicken Lemon Truffle Risotto, Traditional Lamb Bolognese Lasagna, and the Primavera.

Location: Grand Hyatt, Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz East
Timings: Mondays - Sunday, 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM to 6:00AM

9. Quattro Ristorante

Quattro Ristorante been serving Mumbaikars for a while now and making a mark of its own on the city's restaurant scape. It is essentially a pure vegetarian restaurant known for its scrumptious, modernized, and innovative Italian fare, fashioned with locally sourced fresh ingredients. Exuding a subtle yet modernist ambience (the fine yellow lighting on the tables help add an extra oomph to their interior decor),

Quattro Ristorante is a brand for delivering an authentic fine dining experience. If you look at its food menu, you will realize that this place goes beyond mediocre pasta and pizzas. On the contrary, their Italian food is quite delicious and a must-try - especially for those who often feel restricted by a lack of vegetarian or vegan options in Italian cuisine. We recommend you try out their Cannelloni Fiorentina, Margherita Upside Down, and Olive Tapenade Cottage Cheese Sizzlers from their impressive menu.

Location: 7, Janta India Estate, Opposite Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel
Timings: Mondays - Sundays, 12:00 PM to 4:00PM, 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM

8. Mezzo Mezzo

Located in Juhu, JW Marriott's Mezzo Mezzo is a sea-facing classy Italian restaurant. Living in Mumbai, one can truly experience Italy's authentic flavours from the regions of Tuscany, Sicily, and Sardinia while dining at Mezzo Mezzo. The essence of grandeur and augustness in Mezzo Mezzo's ambience is as chic as ever and a delight for all the gourmets. The simple yet elegant decor, along with a surreal sea view, is the perfect amalgamation of fact and fantasy, especially as you unwind and savour each bite of their flavourful Italian food. Some of their popular dishes include the Ossobuco, Lasagna di Verdure, and of course, their gourmet pizzas, which are complemented by a good selection of Italian wines. In short, Mezzo Mezzo is a great option if you have a generous budget to back you up.

Location: JW Marriott, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu
Timings: Mondays - Sundays, 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM

7. Little Italy

Little Italy the best place to dine in with friends and family. Famous for its mouth-watering cuisine, if you are a hardcore vegetarian and an Italian cuisine lover at the same time, then Little Italy is the perfect place for you. This place offers an array of delectable authentic Italian food- especially their veg gourmet pizzas and antipasti starters that are a must-try (a fact even the even meat lovers swear by!). Add to this its reasonable cost for two, and it's no wonder that this place is gaining so much popularity, making it one of the most sought after Italian restaurants in Mumbai.
Location: Juhu Tara Road, Juhu
Timings: Mondays - Sundays, 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM, 6:30 PM to 11 PM

6. Woodside Inn

Woodside Inn is a neighbourhood gastropub that calls for the perfect Friday evening plans with your friends. It's known for its craft brews and fine Italian cuisine. This place has a dedicated clientele of its own. A fancy lounge bar, woody tones, and the overall laid back vibe, with rock music playing in the background, exudes a vintage charm that reinforces its popularity. While the weekends here are bustling with noise, the weekdays, however, are another story - there's still rock music playing, but it's softer. If time flies when you are here with your friends during the evenings, it slows down when you are here during the day. It might not be the 'it' place for some. Still, for others, Woodside Inn occupies a special place of its own, thanks to their delicious Italian food, craft brews, and overall authentic Italian vintage vibe (also their excellent rock playlist!)
Location: Wodehouse Road, Opp. Regal Cinema, Colaba
Timings: Mondays to Sundays, 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM

5. Mia Cucina

Mia Cucina, which translates to 'My Kitchen', is an Italian restaurant that, staying true to its name, offers a homely, relaxed, and casual dining experience. The place is an ideal spot to hang out with your friends, grab a quick bite, or even catch up with your family over a get-together. The authentic Italian food made out of fresh ingredients and the prompt service makes this place a hit among Italian cuisine lovers. Apart from their delectable food, the ambience of this place is also impressive - classy yet quirky. The earthy and natural undertones perfectly balance out the fun element in the interior decor splashed all over the place- making you feel comfortable whether you are dressed to the nines or are in your flip-flops! In short, it's one of the best Italian restaurants in Mumbai that you cannot afford to miss out
Location: 164, Hill Road, Bandra West
Timings: Mondays to Sundays, 12:00 PM to 12:30 AM

4. Gustoso

This place has become synonymous with hearty and authentic Italian fare. After all, pizza being prepared right before your eyes in the mammoth wood-fired oven is an absolute sight to behold. They have also perfected the craft of making Neapolitan pizzas, which most of their guests swear by are a must-try at Gustoso. The ingredients used are fresh and of top-notch quality, and the flavours are rustic and authentic. The Italian fare and the fine pizzas of this trattoria will leave even the most selective Italian cuisine lovers in awe.
Location: Dr B.R Ambedkar Road, Khar West, Khar
Timings: Mondays - Sundays, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, 7 PM to 1 AM

3. Tertulia

Tertulia is the perfect place for enjoying some sangria, savouring a pizza, and taking in a European vibe. This small eatery, situated on a bustling street, is well known for its aesthetically pleasing interior decor that exudes an elegant European ambience. Exposed brick walls, spacious seating, warm lighting, and classy chandeliers make this place apt for a relaxed hang out with friends and family - the chill vibes work well to set the mood for a hearty Italian meal. The food here is fresh, tasty, and well worth the money, with a beautiful presentation adding to your overall experience. Enjoy their gourmet menu whilst sipping a glass of Terttulia's Sunday Sangria, and lose yourself in this lovely Italian restaurant.
Location: Ground floor, Hotel Parkway, Off Cadell Road, Shivaji Park
Timings: Mondays - Fridays, 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM,  Saturdays - Sundays, 9:00 AM to 1:30 AM

2. Indigo Delicatessen

Indigo Deli is a famed chain of restaurants that offers a quintessential deli experience to its guests, along with the usual smorgasbord of European, Continental, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisines. While the Italian cuisine at this all-day cafe is a must-try, it is no less delicious than its Western counterparts, mainly the American cuisine that is served here. Go on and indulge in a gastronomical experience with Deli's signature Italian dishes, including their gourmet pizzas. Save some of your appetite for the desserts as they have an entire section in their menu dedicated to their homemade ice-creams like the Belgian Chocolate Truffle and Dulce De Leche. If you have been missing out on the perfect place to dine with your loved one, Indigo Deli has its doors open for you to go on a gastronomic journey. Buon Appetite!
Location: Inorbit Mall, Link Road, Malad West
Timings: Mondays - Sundays, 12:00 PM to 12:30 AM

1. Pizza By The Bay

It's hard to say no to pizza, and it's harder to say no when you get to relish it next to the sea. This upscale pizzeria, which first opened its doors in 1969, has been the talk of the town ever since. Through evolving identities, a musical past (popularly known as Jazz By The Way!), and changing preferences, Pizza By The Bay has managed to hold its ground over the ever-transforming cafe-scape of Mumbai - a landmark for many lost souls and a favourite of the hungry ones. The monochromatic, spotless white Art Deco facade of this restaurant is infused with subtle vibes of nostalgia, elegance, and class- never-ending vistas of the Arabian sea and snippets of Marine Drive's impressive skyline! Located in a posh area of South Mumbai, this iconic place is still one of the best Italian restaurants in Mumbai, what with it ticking all the right boxes in terms of food, ambience, and value for money. For a delightful experience, try out the dishes from the 'must-try section in their menu, including the gourmet pizzas, while you unwind your senses in the company of the sea view, which is as surreal as ever.
Location: 143, Soona Mahal, Marine Drive, Churchgate
Timings: Mondays - Sundays, 7:00 AM to 12:30 AM