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Entertainment meccas. Check—shopping centres. Check. Toy shops? Such a large number of checks! Assuming you are exhausted from taking your children to unexceptional hang-outs, envision your children's situation. Enter LBB to the salvage. Here's our rundown of 10 not-so-commonplace activities for youngsters around there.

Indian Museum

This captivating gallery is otherwise called Jadu Ghar (place of enchantment), as it will immediately move your little ones to a mysterious land with its dreamlike assortment of antiquities. One of its most suffering attractions is a 4000-year-old Egyptian mummy sent to Kolkata in 1882. Indeed Egyptian Mummies are once in a while found external to the local country, and Indian Museum turns out to be one of the not many exhibition halls on the planet that has the pleasure of lodging this extraordinary visitor. If your youngster is a film buff, watch him expand at the mammoth, sabre-tooth and considerably more from the Ice Age days. Jurassic Park fans can investigate dinosaur skeletons and the stays of their eggs. While displays of goliath crocodiles and scary looking animals long wiped out will leave them riveted.

Nature Mates

Butterflies are significant markers of a solid biological system. If butterflies wane, humankind will be the most noticeably terrible hit. Fortunately, our city is a rich shelter for butterflies with a remarkable 120 to 150 species. You can have your children volunteer with Nature Mates over the ends of the week to set up homes for butterflies at the Banabitan Butterfly Garden in Salt Lake's focal park. They will delight in seeing a pretty vivid labyrinth of butterflies joyfully skipping about aromatic nectar plants like lantana, periwinkle, universe and hibiscus. The more courageous spirits can go with the gathering on their missions to safeguard snakes, screen reptiles, turtles, civets, wilderness felines, mongoose, and even birds like vultures, kites, outbuilding owls, sparrows and crows.


Making a robot without any preparation, without a manual, where learning is just about as everyday as taking in air and not described as some advanced science – sounds unrealistic? Welcome to MakersLoft. Select your virtuoso into a Lego Robotics Training course and watch them apply their creative mind in making an undeniable robot, which is a blend of programming and mechanical planning.

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden

On the off chance that your little toddlers haven't seen the spectacular old banyan tree at the Indian Botanical Garden, then they have not seen anything yet. Viewed as the most established resident of the city, this tree has been in the Guinness Book of World Records to have the most significant overhang and cover the greatest periphery. Furthermore, it continues to walk! (Trama centre, developing!). With the prop roots as its legs, the Great Banyan Tree is travelling toward the east and continually taking steps to cross the wall worked around it. It resembles scaled-down woods with a thick covering overhead and plants and orchids developing on its branches. Numerous fauna, including mongoose, jackals and birds, have made the tree their home. Your little ones couldn't imagine anything better than to remain under its shade and experience its hugeness.

Science City

Extravagant strolling amid goliath dinosaurs and mammoths, the sorts you have seen in the film Jurassic World? Presently you can do that at Science City's 'Development of Life' exhibition. With embellishments, reproductions and a voice-over, the innovatively progressed 3D models of the goliath monsters, which had become wiped out around 66 million years prior, will leave your buddies excited to bits. As they go further, they can distinguish various sorts of dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and so on encompassed with embellishments like creature breathings, Sunset scenes, volcanoes, hints of tropical woodlands, the briskness of ice age alongside Charles' first experience with every period for additional infotainment.

Nehru Children's Museum

Exceptionally dissimilar to the madly dreadful Annabelle or Chucky, the presentation of dolls showing various societies from across the globe at the celebrated doll exhibition in Nehru Museum are aww-commendable. India gets a spot at the room's focal point in a tremendous glass fenced in area, exhibiting the various states and their clothing through tiny scale dolls. The Ramayana and Mahabharata in scaled-down models make a big legendary world for your kids to find out about the sagas through visual incitement.

Mother's Wax Museum

From famous verifiable characters to Bollywood and Hollywood fat cats to Chhota Bheem and his companions, Kolkata's wax exhibition hall offers a ton to go clicking about. Arm your youngsters with a mobile phone camera and watch them get very close, taking selfies with the's who. While at it, play somewhat round of Who Am I? with them to assist them with distinguishing the renowned individuals. High on amusement and information, this is one spot you ought not to miss on taking your buddies to.

Newtown Eco Park, Kolkata

Allow them to go crazy in the most kid well-disposed open space around there – Eco Park. There are loads of exercises there to keep your unique spirits involved, like cycling, zorbing, kayaking, shooting, darts, and some more. Various recreation centres like Butterfly Park, Swampy Areas, and Musical Fountain make for a pleasant excursion.

Kolkata Tram

Kolkata Tram, the solitary cable car framework in India, is the most seasoned cable car network on the planet. In the previous days, cable cars were driven by ponies, which were then supplanted by steam motors. Presently, single mentor vehicles are handling the roads of Kolkata. The trench that extravagant drive and take the children on a Sunday morning cable car ride through the Esplanade-Khidderpore course. Please give them a sample of an adjustment of view and a sluggish drive in a generally high-speed world.

Boat Museum

Take the children to this just one of its sort historical centre around there. Tucked inside the notorious Ambedkar Bhawan, the Boat Museum recognises Bengal's streams and its native art of boat production. From the old boats of Harappa to the angular dholais to the still-being used dinghies, the gallery houses 46 models of boats from Bengal, Odisha, and Bangladesh.