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XPark Jr.

دبي ام سقيم دبي

If you are looking for a park that your kids will absololutely adore,  Xpark JR  is a new natural forest-style park located just behind Kite Beach, filled with greenery, wadis and more! From creating secret hideouts to climbing trees and forts, there’s fun for the whole family in here!

Xpark Jr, is a natural forest-style playscape just off Kite Beach created to bring kids closer to Mothe Nature, 

Remember playing outside as a kid? At XPark Jr, we still play and we want your little ones to join us! We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to play in natural settings with grass to roll on, dirt to dig in, plants to explore and water to splash through. 

Touching real plants and trees, making secret hideouts, conquering and climbing wooden forts, crossing streams of water and marveling at birds, bugs and creatures who share our world, these simple things are the stuff of childhood dreams in an organic environment away from screens and routines – where sticks become magic wands and rocks become mountains. 

We’ve created a habitat which invites children to play, to get dirty (because that’s okay!), to run freely, roll in the grass and feel the fresh air on their skin and sunshine on their faces in a world of their own imagining while nurturing their instinctive love of all that Mother Nature gives us. Beautiful, fun, magical, inspiring – this is XPark Jr.