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Kids Rule At Kidzania. Inside the The Dubai Mall, kids conquer the world at Kidzania. Children work, play, and pretend in this made up town where they get a chance to be adults for the day. With more than 80 role-playing activities and over 60 city establishments, kids are able to build essential real-life skills.

The adventure into early adulthood starts as soon as the door opens. Children arrive at the city's airport with nothing but a boarding pass and 50 kidzos (the Kidzania currency) and they're off – of course with the help of town Zupervisors.

With 50 Kidzos, the little ones head to the bank, cash their checks and hit the miniature-paved streets to explore the buildings and opportunities. They can find work as firemen, doctors, police officers or beauticians. And after just a few minutes of working, they can earn more money – until the next career shift. After a hard day of work, they're free to spend their Kidzos and treat themselves with a shopping spree, spa day, or entertainment at one of the many establishments. After all, they've earned it.

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