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The Tallinn Old Town appears to be straight out of your favourite movie with its narrow winding streets, hidden viewing platforms, secret museums, and cute cafés. The city's medieval charm, bohemian atmosphere, and seaside sunsets will win over even the most non-romantic traveller.

4. Kadriorg and Pirita: Sunsets By The Sea

For sea views, head to the Pirita promenade and take in the spectacular views of Tallinn's rocky shoreline, with the Old Town cityscape in the distance. Stroll, hand in hand, in the nearby Kadriorg Park, where the beautiful Swan Pond and Japanese Garden are a must. Visit the Kadriorg Palace for a touch of imperial romance: the pink baroque castle standing in the middle of the park was Peter the Great's gift to his wife, Catherine.  
In addition to the majestic park and seaside promenade, the area is dotted with ornate wooden villas and residencies from the past centuries, so it is a perfect destination for long walks in the fresh air. You will also find many little museums offering glimpses into the private lives of Estonian writers, theatre personalities, and even the Russian czar.  
A bit further, you will find the Pirita beach, Tallinn Botanic Garden, and the TV Tower - a great destination for relaxation. The garden is a lovely spot for picnics or admiring the colourful rose garden during summertime. The tower, besides amazing views, offers a chance to spice up your romance with some adrenaline: you can walk on the edge of the building at the height of 175 metres (574 ft).

3. Kalamaja and Noblessner: A Bohemian Love Story

If your idea of romance is a promenade on quaint little streets lined with colourful wooden houses with regular coffee (and cake!) stops in the many small cafés, then add Kalamaja to your list. Stop by the Balti Jaam Market and the Telliskivi Creative City - while not necessarily romantic, they are the perfect places to mingle with the locals and get a feel of the area's hipster vibes.  
If the weather permits, go to the Noblessner seafront quarter, sit on the pier, and enjoy quality time with your loved one, preferably during sunset. Noblessner is also an excellent destination for restaurants, many of them offering not only great food but also a glimpse of the sea.

2. Romantic Restaurants and Entertainment

For evening entertainment, why not go to a cinema (in Estonia, movies are usually in their original language, with Estonian and Russian subtitles) or see a performance - many drama theatres have wordless shows in their repertoire. You can also opt for the universal language of dance and music: the majestic Estonian National Opera represents a more classical approach, while Kanuti Gildi SAAL, vSõltumatu Tantsu Laa, and Vabalava are more experimental and interdisciplinary in their programming.
Tallinn has a large selection of high-level restaurants, many offering great food and a certain je ne sais quoi. For a real-life secret garden, head to Lee in the Old Town. The Gloria Wine Cellar, built right into the medieval town wall, offers a glimpse into past times. In Kadriorg, Mon Repos's villa is a serene fine-dining heaven looking at the beautiful park.
Further along, one of the highest-rated restaurants in Estonia, Noa, serves excellent food with a fabulous view of the sea and the skyline of Tallinn. If you are a fan of heights, head to the top of the Tallinn TV Tower: their restaurant on the 22nd floor is the perfect place to admire the surrounding scenery.

1. Tallinn Old Town: secret gardens and hidden gems

A walk in the UNESCO-listed Tallinn Old Town inspires everyone from history buffs to boutique shoppers. Wander on the picturesque streets of Lühike Jalg, Vaimu, and St. Catherine's Passage, or take a little break in the Master's Courtyard to set the right mood for your romantic escape.
For an unforgettable experience, climb up the hill of Toompea and visit the Kohtuotsa viewing platform - a perfect place to admire the sunrise. If you prefer something a little bit more private, head to the Piiskopi belvedere or the tiny hidden terrace next to Pilsticker, the North-West tower of the castle of Toompea.