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Breakfasts in Tallinn are the most popular ones, so it’s time to combine all the best breakfast spots.

While staying at Airbnb, breakfast is usually not comprised in the price of the stay and is not always in the hotels. Even a day tripper may want to start one’s day at the breakfast table. That’s why I picked all the places where I think there is a good breakfast in Tallinn – or a nice atmosphere to sit down, even if the breakfast itself isn’t great.

10. Kolm Sibulat

Kolm Sibulat is located in the trendy Kalamaja neighbourhood and is the second restaurant of the team behind Moon, another famous Tallinn haunt. Taking its line from the restaurant's name, meaning Three Onions, the interior uses copper onions as lamps, but the rest is sleek and contemporary. The owners affectionally describe the cooking style as 'fusion-confusion'. There isn't a dedicated breakfast menu, but the light starters like scallops or vegetarian couscous are a fantastic way to kick off a lazy Sunday.
Location: Telliskivi 2, Tallinn, Estonia

9. F-Hoon

F-Hoon was one of the first restaurants to shop in the Telliskivi industrial complex in Kalamaja. It offers a substantial breakfast in a chic environment at a surprisingly affordable price. It includes sweet and savoury options, from Eastern European specialities like the ever-popular cottage cheese pancakes known as syrniki to classics like porridge and omelettes. There are also less familiar dishes, like rocket-quinoa salad with grilled courgette, cherry tomatoes and two poached eggs, which are great gluten-free options for vegetarians. Pair it with a green smoothie for the healthiest of brunches.
Location: Telliskivi 60A, Tallinn, Estonia

8. Kohvik Komeet

Renowned for its cakes and one of the best views in Tallinn, this restaurant on the top floor of the Solaris shopping centre is owned by Anni Arro, a famous cookbook author. Komet has a great breakfast selection, consisting of five different options with extras available.
It means there's something for everyone, including porridge, pastries with juice or coffee, blini with cream cheese, salmon and poached eggs, three-egg omelettes, and two eggs prepared in any way you like.
Location: Estonia puiestee 9, Tallinn, Estonia

7. NOP

NOP is short for Neighborhood Organic Place, which perfectly describes what it strives to be. This is where locals meet and become regulars, a community space of sorts, and where all food is local and organic. There's also a shop to buy products used by the café. The charming Kadriog neighbourhood is also home to Kumu, making it a great place to stop for breakfast before visiting this famous museum. Said breakfast consists of healthy variations on quintessential fares, like scrambled eggs with asparagus and fresh salad or poached eggs with smoked trout and avocado on organic rye bread.
Location: Köleri 1, Tallinn, Estonia

6. Boheem

Also in Kalamaja, Boheem feels like someone's living room, complete with a china cabinet and old-fashioned lamps and armchairs. Omelettes and fried potatoes are on the menu, along with porridge with jam for those who want a little lighter. All this is served with pickled cucumber, tomato, sour cream and horseradish sauce. With creativity, many of the lunch options could also work for brunch, especially the savoury pancakes.
Location: Kopli 18, Tallinn, Estonia

5. Kohvik Must Puudel

Kohvik Must Puudel serves half a dozen breakfast dishes such as muesli, buckwheat pancakes, and fried potatoes with young spinach, which makes it an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans. The interior is also part of the pleasure of eating at Must Puudel. It's extremely colourful with a distinctly retro vibe. This was one of the first cafés in Tallinn to go for that look and remains one of the most popular among locals.
Location: Kuninga 4, Tallinn, Estonia

4. Kompressor

One of the Old Town's beloved restaurants, Kompressor specializes in sweet and savoury pancakes so huge it's a challenge to finish just one. While there is no dedicated breakfast menu, it's perfect for both. The sheer number of options makes for great variety, allowing clients to sample something different from the usual breakfast fare if they so desire. If not, the ever-comforting pancake and maple syrup combination are also on the menu.
Location: Rataskaevu 3, Tallinn, Estonia

3. Maiasmokk

This is the oldest café in Tallinn and quite possibly in the whole of Estonia. It has occupied its current location since 1864, and the interior has remained mostly unchanged for over a century. It doesn't have a breakfast or brunch menu, but the mix of sweet and savoury food on offer makes for a good breakfast. The cakes and pastries are particularly recommended.
Location: Pikk tänav 16, Tallinn, Estonia

2. Köleri 2

Köleri 2's selection of crêpes and galettes is perfect for brunch even though they're technically not part of a breakfast menu. A tiny cake menu also features treats like rhubarb crumble and ganache for something sweeter. Right at the edge of the Kadriorg neighbourhood, it's pretty off the beaten track. Still, it is a lovely setting with an outdoor patio and deckchairs creating a cosy, almost cottage-like, atmosphere.
Location: Kökeri 2, Tallinn, Estonia

1. Sesoon

The session is consistently rated as one of the top 50 restaurants in Estonia and is even arguably the best for breakfast. The menu changes regularly to ensure that every element is fresh and in season. Visitors can expect a wide range of meat, seafood and vegetarian finger foods, new drinks, desserts, and great coffee. It can get busy, so be sure to book a table.
Location: Niine 11, Tallinn, Estonia