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Fine Dining is an extravagant and overpowering experience unto itself. It offers the fulfilment of getting a charge out of excessive food alongside the chance of liking the specialty of its planning and show, which adds measurement to the gastronomic experience. Twenty of the best eatery in Kolkata guarantee to offer its cafes sumptuous cuisine and conveys it effectively.

17. Yauatcha

An outlet of this Michelin Starred eatery at Quest Mall, Ballygunge, has pulled in consideration of cafes from everywhere the city since its introduction in 2014. Renowned for its Cantonese cooking and an incredible assortment of wine and champagnes, Yauatcha invites foodies heartily with a style that is a contemporary translation of the conventional Chinese teahouse. The faint entireties and pastries mark the strength of this eatery. A broad perspective of the cityscape supplements the moderate stylistic theme of the cafe.

16. Chili's Grill

Chili's Grill is the spot to go for on the off chance that one is searching for a bona fide American eating experience. A branch of the Texan food joint, Chili's Grill serves American cooking in their unique American parts, to which a gourmand must finish equity. Noisy music joined by divider spray painting makes up the inside improvement, and the eatery gives a perspective on the bustling Park Circus region. Bean stews have its outlets at South City Mall, Prince Anwar Shah Road; Quest Mall, Ballygunge; and Acropolis Mall, Kasba.

15. Mainland China

Handpicked fixings from Guangdong, Hunan, and Beijing consolidate with good flavours to bring into being the dishes served at Mainland China. This chain of eateries brings to Kolkata a cut of life from the Chinese fields and commends it in their food. The spot offers a superb array, including a full dinner. Cook Lamb In Hot Bean Sauce, Golden Fried Prawns, Chicken Siu Mai, Chicken Pan Fried Noodles, Mixed Meat Fried Rice, and Yue Yang Spicy Barbecued Fish are a portion of the suggested food from this restaurant. Its outlets are located at Ballygunge, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Shibpur, and Science City Area.

14. The Bridge: The Park Hotel

A 17-meter cascade, an extension, and arranged encompassing sets up the vibe for the 24*7 high-end food encounters at The Bridge. This burger joint is known for its multi-food individually and buffet menu, which gives the agreeable concurrence of traditional and contemporary cooking styles worldwide. Adding to the assortment of fancy eateries that Park Street gloats of, The Bridge likewise significantly improves the connoisseur experience.

13. Ballygunge Place

Ballygunge Place is conventional Bengali food at its unadulterated best. Their food joint furnishes you with the chance to comprehend individuals of Bengal's relationship with "Dal-Bhat-Machher Jhhol". Luxuries like Bhetki Paturi, Ilish Bhapa, and Dab Chingri served here will undoubtedly take you to food paradise. 6, Ballygunge Place has its outlets at Ballygunge; Sector 1, Salt Lake; Sector 5, Salt Lake; and Kasba.

12. Barbeque Nation

The best patio grill joined with the lavish embodiment of high-end food, is the thing that we call Barbeque Nation. Not exclusively does the eatery make a climate of a great grill by embedding live flame broils on their tables, yet it is additionally known for having the best buffet around. Mediterranean, Asian, Oriental, American, and Indian cooking styles are tweaked at live counters as indicated by the client's inclinations to give a customized insight. Situated at Sector 5, Salt Lake, and Park Street, Barbecue Nation epitomizes roast and flame broil at their extravagant best.

11. The Irish House

Reproducing a piece of Ireland with its acclaim for having over 1,000 bars, The Irish House inside itself has the genuine Irish vibe. The out of control stylistic layout welcomes the visitors with the holy Irish gladness and warmth and allows a visitor to appreciate fried fish and French fries while in loud, enthusiastic music. On the fifth floor of Quest Mall, Dublin blends with Kolkata through their shared love for 'living like royalty.

10. Kaafila

Kaafila is known for its Mughlai, Afghani, and North Indian dishes. The captivating mood of Kaafila at Sector 1, Salt Lake, complete with wraps and earthen-product, delights every last one with its Oriental enchantment.

9. Zen

Another culinary wonder from The Park, the cooks and the burger joints at Zen contemplate with the help of food. Open kitchen permits the cafes to take part during the time spent food arrangement accordingly fulfilling the feeling of taste and the feeling of smell and sight. It serves Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cooking styles, where Sushi stays a state of fascination.

8. Mamagoto

A fun combination of Pan-Asian cooking styles joined by idiosyncratic stylistic theme, and an exhibit establishes the pace of Mamagoto. In a real sense meaning 'Playing with food', this café doesn't avoid exploring different avenues regarding food and giving its clients the extravagance and solace of connoisseur eating.

7. J. W. Kitchen

Intercontinental cooking styles went with an incredible top-notch food experience makes J. W. Kitchen in J. W. Marriott one of its sorts. With Thai, North Indian, Mediterranean, and European cooking styles, Marriot makes sure to immerse and humour you. The morning meal buffet and the broad scope of pastries are a special reward to an out of the world feasting experience here.

6. Sigree Global Grill

Flame broil and grills from around the globe are brought to the live barbecues on the tables at Sigree Global Grill. Flavours from Malaysia to Mexico, Japan to America, meet up to hypnotize the coffee shops at this eatery. An astounding smorgasbord menu satisfies the high-end food assumptions for visitors at Sigree in Science City territory.

5. Peshawri

Manufacturing a kinship between the two lovely nations, India and Pakistan, through its extraordinary food from the North-West Frontier and lavish eating, nobody beats Peshawri in North Indian cooking. Peshawari is a blessing from ITC Sonar to the universe of food. The climate of the eatery brings alive the sentiment of eating under a brilliant sky in the plain City of Joy. Food prepared in a conventional mud oven and served across generally slashed wooden tables adds to the cafe's natural appeal.

4. Alfresco

Alfresco serves different foods like those from the Mediterranean, Continental, Italian, and Indian. It also incorporates a few marvels from the Bengali kitchen in their efficient breakfast and supper buffets. This burger joint, with its glass dividers and roof, invites inside itself a broad scope of wayfarers. A contemporary makeover is given to a spot that has seen various notable occasions; this decadent eatery, with its Victorian and Edwardian style, at The Lalit Great Eastern offers the clients a perspective on the patio and a lily lake while making the most of their food.

3. Eden Pavilion

Tastefulness and extravagance easily fall into place for ITC Sonar, as can be seen from Eden Pavilion. The warm wooden framing solaces while the fabulous breakfast, lunch, and supper buffet serving North Indian, Continental, Italian, South Indian, and Bengali cooking styles relieve visitors at this high-end café.

2. Aaheli

Consolidating the shifted flavours from the homes of Bengal with the joy of extravagance eating, Aaheli, at The Peerless Inn, in Esplanade, is genuinely unmatched in its arrangement and show of Bengali food. The elaboration of the motivation why Bengalis are so attached to eating made by its excellent cooking and its atmosphere of privileged licenses. Aaheli the delight of pulling in a swarm from everywhere the world, spreading the flavour of Bengal throughout the planet.


Thai, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Japanese-all foods quintessentially Asian structures the forte of this eatery at ITC Sonar. The culinary customs of East and South-East Asia blend unreservedly, permitting the visitors to appreciate a universe of flavours in each piece they devour. An open island with Teppanyaki iron and Yakitori-style cooking structures the primary fascination of the coffee shop. Aside from this, Pan-Asian additionally offers an outlandish end of the week informal breakfast to flavour up the special times of the year.