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If you are in the 'City of Dreams' and do not have a schedule, fear not! There are a lineup of enjoyable activities and a myriad of things to do in Mumbai.

Here is the list of 20 Things to do in Mumbai

1. Taste the Sea at Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a km long, arc-shaped boulevard along the South Mumbai coast, beginning with the southern end of Nariman Point and ending at the famous Chowpatty beach. Amongst the several exciting things to do in Mumbai, taking a walk at the Marine Drive tops the list. The coastlines the Arabian sea and is the best place to enjoy the sundown in Mumbai, or even to just unwind by the sea any time of the day or night.

2. Ride the Ferryboat at Gateway of India

The Entrance of India is, without doubt, one of the most popular traveler hotspots of Mumbai, and riding the ferryboat at Gateway of India is one of the top things to do in Mumbai. One of the most prominent monuments in Mumbai, it was integrated in the year 1924 by well-known architect George Wittet as a celebration of the check out of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai. The monolith's imposing structure is a lovely confluence of Indian, Western, and Arabic architecture and has ended up being a famous traveler center in the city.

3. Sunset at Haji Ali Dargah

Positioned at the background of a beautiful view of the sea is the shrine of Haji Ali, a wealthy merchant developed into Muslim Sufi. The Haji Ali Dargah (mausoleum) was raised in 1431 in reminiscence of an upscale Muslim trader, Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, who gave up all his worldly possessions before making a journey to Capital. People from all walks of life and religious beliefs come here to look for true blessings. The sundowns at Haji Ali are especially enchanting and are a sight to behold.

4. Picnic at Juhu Beach

Juhu beach is the longest beach in Mumbai, and perhaps the most popular among travelers too. Juhu beach is renowned for its variety of street food with a really typical Mumbai flavor. Juhu's neighboring area is a swank area in Mumbai, house to a great deal of popular Bollywood and TELEVISION stars - the most well-known being Amitabh Bachhan's bungalow - and it is not really unusual to find a star jogging on the beach.

That is also why going to the location is necessary to do in Mumbai for every tourist. This is also one of Mumbai's very best areas to enjoy sundown, with a cool evening breeze, and among the few places where you see the "unwinded" side of the Optimum City.

5. Street Shopping at Colaba Causeway

When in Mumbai, do not forget to shop. With several alleys converted into market places, shopping is one of the most important items on the list of 'things to do in Mumbai'. One of the most crowded and electrifying locations to check out in Mumbai is the Colaba Causeway, famous for being the shopping paradise and having unlimited stores to choose from. There are numerous other cluttered all over the place where you can purchase shoes, clothing, devices, etc at throwaway prices.

6. Hangout and Chill at Bandstand

Bandstand or Bandstand Boardwalk is the spotless promenade in the queen suburbs of Bandra in Mumbai. Also called Bandra Bandstand, it possesses joggers? strip and a park in addition to being a taking place hangout spot. Dotted with food junctions and sprinkled with hawkers selling street treats, the promenade is loaded with swarms of individuals at all points of the day. Besides presenting a fascinating image of the surrounding sea and the mesmerizing skyline, Bandstand likewise possesses being Shahrukh Khan's property location, which is a significant pull for the travelers.

7. Pay Reverence at Siddhivinayak Temple

The Siddhivinayak Temple is a revered shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is one of the most significant and frequented temples in Prabhadevi of Mumbai, Maharashtra. This temple was integrated in the year 1801 by Laxman Vithu and Deubai Patil. The couple did not have any children of their own and chose to construct the Siddhivinayak temple so as to fulfill the dreams of other infertile females. It is among the richest temples in Mumbai and followers visit this temple in great deals every day.

8. Taste the Sumptuous Street Food at Girgaum Chowpatty

Commonly called Chowpatty, the beach lies in southern Mumbai along the western railway route. This little sandy beach is an exceptional place to chill, and a need to visit for all travelers who are seeing Marine Drive for the first time. Besides trying the famous street food at Chowpatty, is one of the important things to do in Mumbai. The white sand shines beautifully in the sunlight, as the adjoining waves dance to the motion of the pleasant breeze. This beach is a retreat from the chaotic and mind-numbing regimen of everyday life. Most people visit this place to unwind and unwind after a long, exhausting day.

9. Check Out the World Famous Elephanta Caves

A UNESCO World Heritage Website, Elephanta Caves is a specimen of rock-cut art and architecture from the times of middle ages India. The caverns lie on the Elephanta island, which is positioned at a distance of 11 km from Mumbai's city. Natively known as Gharapurichi Leni, the Elephanta Caves that exist today are ruins of what was as soon as elaborately painted artworks. It likewise supplies a fantastic view of the Mumbai skyline.

10. Admire the Victoria Terminus

Victoria Terminus, a previous name for the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, is a contemporary railway station in the dynamic capital city of the western state of India, Maharashtra. The marvelous structure is a remarkable illustration of the Victorian-Gothic design of architecture in India. In fact, the train station, which still operates, as usual, is declared as a World Heritage Website under UNESCO and comes under the leading things to do in Mumbai. The station is constantly dynamic with the noises of the metro city and the locals. It could be sound and crowd for lots of, however, some still manage to discover vibrant colors and music in the ever so busy Victoria Terminus.

11. Drive Through Bandra Worli Sea Link

Formally referred to as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, this eight-lane cable-stayed bridge in Mumbai is the very first task started by Maharashtra Government that starts West Island Freeway System. Bandra Worli Sea Link is among the few bridges that are cable-stayed with pre-stressed concrete-steel viaducts to hold it in place. Spanning throughout the arc of Mumbai's shoreline, this sea link is a civil engineering marvel that reflects Mumbai's contemporary infrastructure. The appeal of the Bandra Worli Sea Link remains in its engineering genius which carefully compliments the crystal waters it is constructed over. Overlooking Mahim Bay's spectacular blue waters, this splendid architecture is a mighty sight to see and is absolutely among the most essential things to do in Mumbai.

12. See the Mesmerising Sunset at Worli Sea Face

The exuberant promenade with lashing waves and gushing waters of the Arabian Sea, situated in Worli, Mumbai is commonly called Worli Sea Face. House to the upscale and affluent residential colonies, the posh place is also a significant downtown. Extending from Worli Fort in the north to Prabhadevi in the south, the seafront provides stunning vistas of the limitless blue sea with a hazy picture of Haji Ali Dargah in the distance. The esplanade is often visited by travelers and locals alike, majorly in the night's wee hours due to spread traffic and the solitary environment. Likewise, the spot uses mesmerizing views of sunsets, and experiencing one is certainly amongst the leading things to do in Mumbai.

13. Be Awed by The Beautiful Hanging Gardens

In Mumbai, the Hanging Garden is a balcony garden integrated in 1880 and remodeled in 1921. Dedicated to its barrister, Pherozeshah Mehta, the garden is also understood after his name. It has actually remarkable animal formed hedges and rich green greenery together with a tranquil bird's eye view of the Arabian Sea.

14. Go for it at Fashion Street

The latest trends, a range of clothes, and the delicious fragrance of street food is what Fashion Street in Mumbai is all about. One of the preferred shopping hubs for Mumbai people, specifically the students, the place offers a few of the trendiest and latest fashion clothes. A selection of about 150 shops that offer an inconceivable assortment of accessories and clothes makes Style Street a paradise for a shopaholic.

15. Delight In Thrilling Rides at Essel World

Essel World is a popular theme park situated in the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai in India. EsselWorld and Water Kingdom together make one of Asia's biggest theme park. They expand over a location of 64 acres and are frequented by locals and non-locals from any age group, particularly the students. It is also on the pail list of things to do in Mumbai of every visitor. With a number of amazing rides and entertainment, Essel World and the Water Kingdom is a preferred summertime destination for lots of families. One can prepare a day-long picnic or remain overnight at one of the hotels close by to check out both the theme park.

16. Bollywood Trip at Film City

Found in a remote location in Aarey Nest, Mumbai, Movie City is often considered home to Bollywood. The place is so vast that about 1000 sets can be set up here all at once. For many years, it has turned into one of the major shooting locations for the Hindi movie industry. Nearly 900 films aside from television programs have actually been shot here as in the earlier days. Today, the Film City has grown to be among the best film studios, well geared up with all the world-class facilities and essential features required in film production with unbelievable assistance from film personalities and the federal government. It uses a clear idea of knowledge about shooting movies in India.

17. Wildlife Safari at Sanjay Gandhi National Forest

Squeezed in between Mumbai and Thane's residential areas, Sanjay Gandhi National forest is perfect for weekends and picnics getaways using respite from the mayhem and buzz of the city. Famous to be one the most liked national forests, visitors throng in thousands to identify Leopards, Macaques, Boars, Lions, Flying fox, Kingfisher, Sunbirds, and a significant number of butterflies here. Kanheri Caves, which are more than 2 thousand years of age are likewise a major tourist attraction inside the park facilities. The caverns have been carved out of the rocky cliffs.

18. Revitalize at Aksa Beach

Found a little on the outskirts of the city in Malad, Aksa Beach is an unrivaled sanctuary for a renewing retreat from the hustle-bustle of the city traffic. No doubt, the beach owes the majority of its popularity to the song 'Tujhe Aksa Beach ghuma du' from the hotshot Bollywood movie, however, is lately becoming an optimal pick amongst tourists seeking serenity and peace from the mainstream Chowpatty in Bombay. The mesmerizing coastline is one of the longest in the city and uses a surreal and incredibly vibrant panorama of the combining horizon ahead. The beach is still untouched by the city crowds and hence preserves its natural beauty apart from being immaculately tidy.

19. Explore the place of Madh Island

Home to umpteen towns, farmlands, and surreal vistas, is the place of Madh Island in Mumbai. Clustered with charming fisher villages and dotted with lush green farms, Madh Island is a respite from the city's glitterati and spectacular environments and can be reached by an hour's drive from the main city. Considered to house among the cleanest beaches in all of Mumbai, the Arabian Sea surrounds the neighborhood on the west and Malad Creek on the east. Primarily occupied by Kolis, Marathis, and Roman Catholics, it likewise has a number of luxury resorts to help you get away from the infuriating city life to come and coop up here for a few days.

20. Trek at Gorakhgad

Gorakhgad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Gorakhgad and Machindragad are twin forts in the Thane district of Maharashtra. Gorakhgad is positioned at an elevation higher than its twin fort and can be reached through a short trek