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Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Tallinn, Estonia

If you are looking for street-food meals, or yearning for a full-on Cantonese banquet, head to the excellent Chinese restaurants in

1. Restaurant HAN's

Head chef Yang Han, the founder of Han's restaurant, hails from Chengdu, and his creation represents the Sichuan kitchen. The sole purpose of HAN's is to offer authentic tastes to its visitors, and the menu is also well-suited for vegetarians and vegans.
Location: A. Lauteri 5, 10114 Tallinn

2. Restaurant Golden Dragon

The choice of the restaurant's name was not accidental. For the Chinese, the dragon is a symbol of god and success, and the golden dragon symbolizes the power and flexibility of the emperor.
The diversity of our menu will help you get an idea of ​​Asian traditions and culture. We offer something for every taste, mild and spicy foods.
You can also buy your favourite food from our restaurant or order it at your favourite place.
Lcocation: Pühavaimu 7, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

3. NuFace Balti Jaama turg

Nuface food is authentic traditional Chinese food prepared by real Chinese chefs! If you want to know what the Chinese eat, visit NuFace! They also offer vegan meals!
Location: Kopli 1, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

4. Asian Aroma

Asian Aroma brings you both authentic and innovative cuisine of China, India and Thailand at a reasonable price. These three primary culinary cultures are, in fact, a blend of each other, creating a new cuisine that is unique and more complex in flavours and fragrances. Our talented chefs are constantly striving to give you the best.
Location: P. Süda 1, 10118 Tallinn, Estonia

5. Asian Fair

Asian Fair provides authentic and innovative cuisine from China, India and Thailand at a reasonable price.
Enjoy Daily offers - Choose and enjoy Asian food in Tallinn at reasonable prices. Our special offers make you fall in love with Asian Fair Restaurant.
Location: Tuukri põik 3, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia