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Winter in the Wonderland! Adventures In Tallinn, Estonia

Winter in Tallinn is cold, with the average temperature during the day around 1°C (33°F) and at night -5°C (23°F). It might cover it in snow, or it could rain, and December is also the shadiest month of the year.
You can warm up in Tallinn's cosy Christmas market; however, be prepared with the right winter clothes to enjoy the most this city offers in the cold season.

8. Tallinn Christmas Market

Tallinn Christmas Market with a fairy tale touch will be held at the Town Hall Square of Tallinn. Everything is possible at the Christmas Market! The star of the market is the Christmas tree, the most important Christmas tree in Estonia and has been set up in Town Hall Square since 1441, creating it the first Christmas tree ever to be shown in Europe.
The Christmas land is decorated with trees, Christmas decorations, and Christmas lights. Local retailers will offer Estonian Christmas cuisine, from black pudding and sour cabbage to gingerbread and hot Christmas drinks and different handicrafts. Our younger guests can enjoy merry-go-rounds, and there are various Christmas programmes.
Location: Raekoja plats, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn

7. Husky sledging tour, starting from Tallinn

Husky rides are definitely the most fun you can have in Estonia in the winter. Our tours take you to Kõrvemaa.
Participants of the tour can try riding a husky-led sledge. Additionally, they will learn about the life of huskies, their training, and their fun and friendly character. Depending on the route, we will visit the most important sights of the region and talk about the nature and history of the area.

6. Enduro Motorcycle Rental and Tours in Estonia

The adrenaline-filled enduro adventure in the woods will make you forget about everything else while you enjoy every step of the journey.
You can choose from a type of tracks of different levels of difficulty, guaranteeing excitement and challenge for both beginners and more experienced visitors.
They have fully serviced and technically well-maintained KTM enduro motorcycles, the necessary equipment, a professional guide, exciting tracks, delicious meals, a relaxing sauna, and, if you wish, accommodation.
See you in the woods!
Location: Viljandi maantee 41, Nõmme linnaosa, Tallinn

5. Nõmme Ice Skating Rink

The Nõmme Ice Skating Rink in the square of Tallinn Nõmme Secondary School is open during the winter season for the entire family. The rink is open daily until mid-March, regardless of the weather, as the ice skating rink is made using superior refrigeration equipment. This means you can still skate even when the temperature is above zero. The new location of Nõmme Ice Skating Rink allowed for building of a more giant ice rink and provided better parking for visitors. You can use personal ice skates or rent them on-site.
Location: Raudtee tänav 73, Nõmme linnaosa, Tallinn

4. Tondiraba Ice Hall

The three-storey multifunctional Tondiraba Ice Hall has a main arena and three practice fields. The main auditorium can be used for skating, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, and other sports. It is also perfect for concerts.
The building has curling lanes, changing rooms, drying rooms for clothes, a gym, skate rental, professionals for sharpening skates, a café, and conference rooms. Visitors with special needs have access to each floor.
You can also ask for packages for children and adults to celebrate other anniversaries.
Location: Varraku tänav 14, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tallinn

3. Roller disco at Jetty Ice Arena

Roller disco at Jetty Ice Arena

If you want a memorable experience, come to Jeti Ice Arena and participate in a special roller disco. Disco lights and good music will allow you to forget your problems and make your childhood dreams come true.
The roller disco is suited for both beginners and more skilled roller-skaters. Do pirouettes, rollerskate backwards, on one foot, or with equipment that makes rollerskating easier – if you hear the first songs, you will forget about the time and space around you!
Location: Suur-Sõjamäe tänav 14b, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tallinn

2. Lasnamäe Ice Rink

Lasnamäe Ice Rink resumes the idea of creating outdoor ice rinks in the districts of Tallinn. They are open every day and in any weather in the winter season. Thanks to refrigeration equipment, ice skating is guaranteed even in warmer weather. Thanks to the perfect lighting, the ice rink is well-lit and, of course, has music.
The entire equipment -- skates, helmet, skating aid, and children's favourite skating aid "Bobby" -- can be rented and used on-site.
Location: Varraku tänav 18, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tallinn

1. Ice rink at Tamme stadium

The ice rink is lighted and open about the clock. You can operate the ice rink for free if you arrive with your skates. Our skate rental has pairs for both children and adults! The skates are rented based on an
identity document!
The ice rink is closed on rainy days when the temperature is over 0 degrees or under -20 degrees!
Next to the ice rink, you will find the Tamme Stadium playground and sports fields.
Location: Tamme puiestee 1, Tartu linn, Tartu